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Tuesday, June 03, 2014


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Love the collection hard to say red and white vs the aqua and black....

The black would be absolutely perfect for my granddaughter's someday going-away-to-college quilt!!

why do you ask such a difficult question? :) love them all, but may be the reds

Love this one too but then.....If a miracle happens and I should win just send me something with red in it. I'm like you I just love red/white/blue (have it on today. I don't need a holiday to wear it!) Thanks for a chance!

I have no idea what to call it, but my favorite print is on the bottom of the pile in the photo with your favorite, the blue nautical flags.

My wife loves these colors! Thanks for the giveaway.

Love this teal - my Nanna's favourite colour! And perfect for her 90th birthday quilt! Thanks!

Oh that red color way all day long!

My jaw dropped when I saw this line and my heart did a flip flop! I'm in love with the flags, and the red and white.

Love love love this line of fabric and I think my favorite piece is the blue flag print. The light blue,dark blue and white flags lined up look great!

Love those blues! So soothing!

I like all the colors, so I will have to go with design. Which is the polka dots!

They're yummy all together but if I have to pick - it's the blues - my fave colors. Really liking this collection.

Red and white quilt here we come!

I'm a dots person, especially the teal and black colors!

I love the blues, ofc.

I love the blues in this collection -- can't wait to get my hands on it. January is looking better all the time!

For me, it's always the reds! Love the polka dots! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the colors and the theme!! I live by the ocean and the only boat I "have" is the ferry to Victoria, B.C. but I can certainly enjoy the colors in Boat House. Thanks for the "sneak peak" at the new collection and the chance to win some is awesome!

Red print with anchors is my pick

I don't know how you do it time and again...another great collection! I am partial to the dots and the numbers. Congratulations!

I like the colors combined so the polka dot is my favorite

I love the flags with all the colors the best but the complete line is great.

I love the large numbers, Multi colored dots, and the flags in red and white. But really I love all of them. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love this line! They are all my favorites! I would love to make a beach blanket♥♥

I love dots and I love numbers, so the multicolored dots and both pieces with numbers are my favorites. What a great line of fabric!!!

Is it even possible to pick a favorite. The whole line just works so well together!!

Oh boy - trying to pick a favorite from this line is going to be difficult. But I will pick the multi colored nautical flags just because cheerful. I will definitely be purchasing this line as I've not made a red white and blue quilt yet, and this is just the ticket for such a project!!

I love the aqua anchors! This collection is fabulous, thank you for the chance to win!!!

really like all of it but the multi colored dots are my fav, never enough dots for me lol

Awesome! Another new collection that makes me what all of it :) I really love the number print especially the multicolored print. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the whole collection! I have wanting to make a nautical quit and now I will have no excuse not to with such a fabulous range on its way. Hard to choose a favourite but the red anchors just reach out and tease me. Can't wait they arrive in January!

I am a huge Sweetwater fan and I think this is your best line yet. That is my stiff competition! My favorite is the teal with anchors. Awesome.

Love the whole collection... but I always LOVE your fabrics, patterns and ideas! Totally my favorite blog and store!

So here's the thing. For the last five years I've been intending to turn my rustic red and blue guest room into a beachy red and blue guest room. But due to three children, a cross-country move, sheer procrastination, but MOSTLY never finding the right fabric, it remains in limbo. So I can't pick a favorite because I need them all to make the perfect quilt. And bunting. And shams. But if you make me, I choose the reds.... ;)

Oh yeah new Sweetwater favourite! My favourite print is the large dots, in all the colours. Interesting point: my town, Minlaton, in South Australia, means sweet water in the local Aboriginal language.

wow, gorgeous!!! love the whole colour scheme. leaning towards the reds though, they pop. great work ladies. and thanks for the giveaway. sweet.

Love this especially the three color dots.

Oh my gosh! I couldn't wait for Elementary to come out but now I am totally in love with the aqua and dark blue or black in this line. I don't usually wish for winter but this fabric may do it!

While most of us don't own a boathouse or even a boat, this fabric says, "slowdown and relax! It's summer!" It invokes memories that will inspire creativity. My fav is the anchor print.. Sorry this is so long, but I suggest you order a will be a best seller!

Very hard to choose as they are all gorgeous ..... leaning towards the greens.

I am usually a blue person but I see a Red and White quilt with those reds.

I love it all, but especially the numbers prints. Love the red colorway.

This is a tremendous collection, the best "Sweetwater" to date. I love it all but would have to say the polka dots are my favorite. I don't think I can wait until January for this to come out.

Has to be the reds! Thanks for the chance to win some of this fabulous fabric!

The red colour way is just gorgeous! The red with the numbers is probably my favourite..... roll on January!!

I love the Anchors! Even thought they are all beautiful! :D

Love the blues...especially the polka dots with blue, red and black! Absolutely beautiful !

I love the reds!! I can't wait to see what kind of quilt you made with the flag blocks!! Way too go ladies!!

LOVE those blues! Will be watching for this line for sure!

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