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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


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Gosh, I love them ALL! If I have to pick, I will say Picnic Plaid :)

Without a doubt I love Music Class! Great job, they are all wonderful :)

Picnic plaid is really catches my eye.

I love the music class! Town square is a very close second! Nice work. I would also love to see a reprint of authentic. I have been kicking myself for years. If you don't want to reprint it, it would be nice for a few of the fabrics to make it in another line, such as the grey stripe with black dot (the jelly roll quilt picture - 2nd from the top). Thanks for all you do and the opportunity to win. I

I love Town Square in the kraft colorway!

I'm ready to do some baby boy quilts so I think Rugby would be first, and for my math-loving son, Math Class would be next.

How does one choose between all of these great patterns??? If forced to choose then I guess that it would be Math Class.

I just love Rugby! It's on my "must make" list for sure! :)

I'm sorry you couldn't make it to quilt market this year but I have to say that the new patterns are rad! I love the music class one the best but it looks complicated... but I'd love to try it!

Music class is my favorite.....but as usual, I think you've out done yourselves and love everything you do!

Picnic Plaid is my favorite. It's great in the classic color scheme you chose, and wouldn't it be fun in Christmasy colors?

When will we be able to see the fabric? I'm so curious about your text prints!!

Wow, they're all great. I guess I'd say that Music Class is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite is Town Square in both colors. Looking forward for the collection to come out. Thanks!

Music Class is a wonderful quilt! Anything curvy scares me, but I think I could give this a try!

I like the music class quilt. I also really like the colors in this line.

I love music class!!!

Hmmmm....all great!! Pincic plaid would probably be my favorite!

Congratulations, beautiful work. My preference are several: Math class, both Town Square, Picnic Plaid and also "incomplete". The designs and even their names convey the spirit of its creators.

Music Class--curious to see how it's made.

I love the Town Square in the blue colorway but the Math Class is cute too!!!

Beautiful job!! I like Picnic Plaid!

Cute and creative patterns...difficult decision to choose just one, however, Picnic Plaid is my favorite. It would be eye-popping using any of your fabric lines.

Thanks for the give away!! Wishing you a fun Memorial Day holiday!!

I love them all, but Music Class is my favorite with Math Class a very close second. Love the colors of this line!!

I like the Town Square pattern and the fun of the jelly roll quilt. Do I have to choose between the two?

Such a hard choice because all of them are beautiful! I think Town Square is my favorite with Rugby coming in close second!

What? I can only pick one favorite? Oh my, I have several favorites: Town Square (in blue), Picnic Plaid and Math Class, in that order. But they're all so pretty and each one brings to mind images of my own town's square, a wonderful picnic with family and friends and teaching my children math in a fun way. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to win some patterns from your shop.

Oh how fun!! I love them all… really. Music Class is the one I'll pick though because it looks so fun. I haven't made anything like that yet ;) Thank you for all your cute stuff!!

I would have to say either Town Square or Rugby are my favorite....can't just choose one :) Thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite (although very hard to choose) would be rugby. Thanks for the wonderful chance!

I LOVE the Math Class pattern. My niece just graduated from college in Math Education. I would love to make this pattern for her!! Thanks for such great designs.

Wow, they are all super. Guess I have to go with Math Class but I also love Town square in both colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

Math Class is my favorite! I have a boy who loves math that it would be perfect for! I love it! They are all wonderful! Thanks for a quilt that is about math :-)

Town Square is my favorite!! I'm going to order the kit!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Oh My Gosh! I love the Picnic Plaid.

I love Rugby!

My favorite is Music Class really "sings"! Clever way to use a classic pattern.

I love Picnic Plaid! Great patterns all though!

So hard to choose!
Music class - or maybe math class!

Love Picnic Plaid. But really, its a hard decision, they are all great!

Hi ladies! Fun stuff you have going on up on the prairie/plains (I so love the prairie!). Anyway, I really like all of your patters. Seriously. I'd make each quilt. Picnic Plaid wins for creativity! I had to stare at the picture to see how you pieced it (almost optical illusion like). Thank you kindly for the giveaway!

I love Picnic Plaid. They are all cute, but it is my favorite.

Music class and town square. I love your patterns.

I love all the new patterns but I think Rugby is my favorite. My oldest nephew graduates next year and I think rugby would be perfect for him.

Most of the time I just make lap sized quilts but that Picnic Plaid just screams to be made for our bed!:)

The picnic plaid pattern is my favorite, but they all look fun!

My favorite is Music Class.

I love them all but I pick "Math Class"! Thanks for the nice giveaway. I love your products and am a Label Crew memeber.

Town Square in the kraft colour is my favourite! Picnic plaid is also very nice!

Town Square is my favorite. Picnic Plaid is a very close second favorite. Rugby is wonderful, also.

Love Rugby - this is a perfect quilt to celebrate an occasion - I am thinking graduation & wedding.

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