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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


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Picnic Plaid is my favorite, but love them all.

ooo picnic plaid! be still my HEART!

These are wonderful patterns, how I envy your creativity. It was difficult to chose just one but I would have to say "Rugby" is my favorite.

I hate math but sure love your math class!

It is hard to choose just one. If I had to pick, Rugby is really fun with grandkids getting closer to graduation age. Thanks for a chance to win these great patterns.

Match class is my favorite!

Loooove town square

Always been a bit of a math nerd so math quilt it is!! Pick me, pick me!

Love these patterns! They all look great, as always. My favourite is Music Class.

You ladies have done it AGAIN! I really think this collection will get as much or MORE attention than the Famous Authentic! Be will be wildly popular. My fav is the Rugby, but I can't stop at just one. I always have to order enough fabric to do several different ones.

I absolutely love Music Class!! Can't wait to see all of this new line: it looks yummy!!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

I love every single one of them! I think my favorite is Picnic Plaid - it's SO cool!

Ooooh tough choice, but my very favorite is the picnic plaid....I think, but maybe music class.

I love how the fabric line is called Elementary and the names of the quilts match the feel. You are all so creative!


I love them all, but I think Music class is my favorite. Great job.

The Rugby is def my fave! But to be honest, I would prob end up getting them ALL! Thanks for the chance to win...

I love the Town Square quilt with the aqua. Also live the music class. Can't wait.

Wow -- I really like them all, but Picnic Plaid is stunning. I'm looking forward to seeing Elementary in my local shops.

I LOVE Rugby! Very modern looking. My wife would love it.

The picnic plaid!! Love them all! Thanks for the giveaway

I love picnic plaid and towne square in blue!!!

They are all lovely, but I am especially fond of the picnic quilt.

Quilts turned out great!

Music class is my favorite, but picnic plaid is pretty darn cute too!

I love them all! I have always love the jelly roll pattern but Picnic Plaid is my current favorite!

Jelly roll quilt. Linda gerig

My favorite is Picnic Plaid. Beautiful in black and white but could see it looking awesome in different colors too!

I love Math Class!

Love Rugby! It looks simple enough for me to attempt:)

Picnic Plaid! I also love Town Square (but I already own it). It looks great in both colorways. I'm just so excited for this fabric release......

My fav is rugby! Love the modern look. A close second is music class. Thank you for the giveaway.

Well, for simplicity's sake of summer sewing, Rugby would be great. But I really like the looks of Math Class. Actually they all look fun to make! Thanks for sharing-

Music class is my favorite :)

I've still love the Town Square pattern, but I think the Rugby pattern will by my new favorite baby quilt to give as a gift!!

Oh decisions, decisions...I love them all..but I think I love Picnic Plaid the most! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love them all. They each have their own great feel. But my very favorite is Music Class. I have been working on dresden plates this year. I like to see different ways to use them.

I love picnic plaid! And that calendar fabric is gorgeous! Sweetwater, you never disappoint. :D

Love the quilts .... can't figure out which one I like best.

Picnic Plaid

I have certainly missed your updates.

I love the picnic plaid! Math Class is also a good one (well, they're all fantastic!)

Those are all wonderful. My immediate favorite is Picnic Plaid. No wait, Town Square in the grey and aqua . . . or maybe in the Kraft. No . . . Math Class. No, I was never any good in math. Okay, back to Picnic Plaid. Great work!!

I think the town square but the jelly roll quilt is a close second! Thanks for the chance to win!

I really like Math Class and thank you for the chance to win!!

My fav is rugby. Something I could see myself making for my grandson.

I love the Rugby pattern! Actually, it was hard to pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful quilts!

Music class is my favorite!

At first I thought Math Class - it is so hard to choose but I think I go with Music Class on second thought.

picnic plaid

Music class is my favorite--love the curves!And the colors and the prints--great fabric line!

I think I love the jelly roll one the best! Especially because it's been on my list for a while now!

How do you pick a favorite? I love this line of fabric. I think my favorite is a toss-up between Rugby and Picnic Plaid.

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