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Friday, March 07, 2014


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Thank you for sharing this very sweet story. I can't wait to see your Sweet Jordan block.

Thanks for sharing your story of your niece. Cancer has effected my family also as has a rare disease caused the death of a nephew. As devastating as it is amazing how we grow through these hardships.

Thank you for sharing the story of Jordan and Bryce. Hopefully he will continue to be cancer free. It was a touching explanation of the impact pediatric cancer has on the whole family.

Just a beautiful star in your life, mine is a daughter also!

Loved reading your post and seeing the pictures. I know Jordan loved reading how much her aunt loves her!

Love your story..thanks for sharing:)

What a great story about Jordan. I loved your story so much, and I just want to hug your sweet Jordan and her brother, but I'm sure she gets plenty of that from you. Thanks for sharing.

So happy sweet Jordan gets a star, forever in her name :)

What an inspiring post! Your niece sounds like an angel and is a special star. I am glad your nephew is well.

That was beautiful. I hope she knows how much you love her.

Love your "Sweet Jordan". We have a similar story with our son being diagnosed with a brain tumor, two years ago at the end of this month. He is doing very well. I'm thankful his siblings became stars in his life. No matter how normal you try to keep things, there is change.

You made me cry, Jordon is a star!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

What a beautiful tribute to both...and the miracle that took place! I loved reading this blogpost! Keep doing what you are all your fabric and look forward to your block!!!!!! Hugs!

Beautiful girl, wonderful story-what life lessons learned at such a young age. Can't wait for the quilt to get going.

Thank you for sharing this sweet touching tribute to your Sweet Jordan!

I have tears in my eyes. What a win-win situation for you to have a wonderful niece and for Jordan to have such a loving aunt. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Wonderful to hear that you have such a close relationship with your niece!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Such a touching story. It is one I know quite well. My sister has six children, her two oldest (37 and 35 now) are both cancer survivors. The younger of the two was diagnosed with leukemia as she entered kindergarten and the oldest with Hodgkins lymphoma the year after she graduated from high school. Both are very precious young women today, with strong sibling support. While I have a daughter of my own now, these girls (and their sibs) are the best gifts my sister has ever given me. :)

Lovely and eloquent words...I even teared up! She sounds amazing and the perfect person to dedicate your star block to. Beautiful post, really!

what a beautiful story It brought tears to my eyes.

Oh my, what a beautiful story. Your sweet Jordan is such a courageous girl!(Well, actually, young woman,!!) Thank you so much for sharing.

Wow, what a blessing your children are, a are mine. Prayers for you and yours.

Sweet kids blessing the world. Give them some extra hugs. Thanks for sharing. Janita

What a wonderful niece! I hope my two great nieces are that great someday. One has different, seemingly unsurmountable hills to climb, also.

What a beautiful story of caring, courage and unselfish love.

What a poignant story! Thanks for sharing.

What a lovely tribute to your niece.

What an awesome story! She is beautiful both inside and out!!!

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!


What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing story!!

I love these fabrics and what I can see of the quilt!

What a great story to tie into the Designer Mystery. I have already signed up for it and will remember your story when doing this quilt. Thanks.

What a beautiful story...with a happy ending!Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful post :). You both have gorgeous kids, just love seeing them on the blog.

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