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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


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Elementary is just beautiful and I love the blue. However, Authentic will always be my favorite. In fact, I still have some Authentic tucked away that I cannot bear to cut, so I just look at it. Sure would like to win some Elementary and mix it in with my Authentic.

That is the perfect color of blue. I love the entire line. The little ruler print and the ombre are my favorite if I must pick one. Well, I guess that was two.... :)

I love your new line, but please don't ask me to pick a favorite because they are all awesome. Can't wait til they are available.

Oh my that blue print pecking out behind those labels is to die for, most certainly my favorite! I missed out in Authentic but can't wait to get my hands on it's "sister". Thanks!

This grouping is great. The black and cream is my favorite and I can not wait to get my hands on the alphabet fabric. I am also sad that I was never able to get any of the Authentic fabric because I am in love with it all. I don't blame any of you for holding on to that fabric.

Thank you for doing this giveaway, that is very kind of you to do that.

Boy, do I miss having a big Quilt Shop.
I've never seen this collection?????
These are my colors!!! Especially the teal...
I need this material!!!!! I have a friend that is terminal and just told me last week that her colors are teals & tans . This collections hit the spot!!! Don't care if I win or not because I'm a winner seeing this collection now!!!!1
I can't wait to order it!!! She will be "sew" surprised!!

What a great fabric line, love the colors and all the prints you designed for it!! Can 't wait for it to come out and to see the quilts you make with Elementary!

I love all of the kraft colors, dark to light. Also the fabrics with words, I think they are so cool! I have some and will probably be getting some more from this collection! Thank you!

I am in love with the blues! Great new line and love the labels!! thank you!

I love the bles and browns mixed together.

I love it all, as I always do! Oh that black Ombré is gorgeous!! I wasn't quilting when you had Authentic but I know that it would be a favorite because all your lines are my favorites!

I love that blue. I loved the green. What a beautiful new line of fabric.

I love it so pretty. I really love the blue fabric. My favorite is the fabric with the black background with the alphabet in blues and kraft colors, just awesome!!!!

Keep on designing! I love the kraft colorway.

I'm a school teacher, and I'm IN LOVE with this new collection. Oh my goodness. I prefer blue, this blue, this perfect blue as you called it, but the green in Authentic is amazing, too. It's just that the blue you chose for this line is my ALL TIME FAVORITE COLOR. :) How can I pass that up? Congrats on another beautiful line! Good luck with the quilts you need to make-- I'm sure they will be fabulous! Can't wait to see-- thanks for the chance to win! ~robin,

Wow! I love it! The print with the letters is my fave :)

All your products are so wonderful and your fabrics in particular sure do inspire! I'm very partial to black and cream- just so understated and beautiful. But I have to say that the craft and blue is the best yet!

I love the perfect blue the most, but also love the black too. Thanks for a chance to
win some.

I always look forward to your new fabric lines. Your blog is one I check everyday. I really really like the print with the little curly looking "S's" Can't wait for the fabric to hit the stores!!

I love it all but the blue!!! LOVE!

I know you have a zillion people entering and I never win these things but I wanted to tell you how wonderful this fabric line is!!! It's fresh and original and hits all the trends with both the colors and patterns! Great job!

The new text fabric is sure to be a favorite. My challenge is going to be using it, rather than tucking it away. When I heard your new line was called "Elementary" I wondered if there would be a print with school names. Maybe something to consider down the road?

Love the blue, black, tan combination in Elementary. Hard to pick a favorite print, the alphabet is great. This is my new favorite Sweetwater collection.

I am so totally boring, but I love the blacks. Probably because they would go so well with my pieces of Authentic I am hoarding! I am working on a quilt out of them and hoarding some. I was late on that bandwagon, but got lots when I could find it. It's my favorite shade of green, so it's so worth it!

I was just wanting to make a quilt in these colors. I make a lot of floral patterns, but I have a house full of boys. This would be perfect for just that project! I can't wait to get my hands on some.

What an amazing collection! Simply brilliant - again! The black ombré print makes my heart skip a beat, but I love the tans and the blues too! Be still my heart. August is only 5 months away!!

I tray do love Authentic but Elementary is pretty amazing! The green is my favorite but the blue is a close second, and I love all the prints in Elementary!

I found a stack of authentic fat quarters by begging on IG. :) And this is reminds me of the perfect child of PURE and AUTHENTIC with turquoise blue eyes. :)

BTW, my favorite is the black and kraft dot. I'm a sucker for a good polka dot....

I love the algebra print with the cream background! Can't wait until it is available!

I just love all the prints w texts! Great job! Thank you for the chance to win!

My favorite is the newsprint on the green authentic. All the prints are a hit with me, but that old green colorway gets me everytime.

Oh my gosh - it is gorgeous! I just love it and as a teacher, well it's perfect and I don't think I can wait until August/September to get my hands on it. The text print, the ombre, the calendar and the ruler are amazing. Thanks for the chance to win.

I like the alphabet prints! My daughter is a first year elementary teacher...maybe I need to make something for her with this line!!

Oh how I love this line!!!! The blues and the text part of the collection are just to much. Thanks for the chance to win and for showing the whole collection together. Patti

Love, love, love the blue and kraft colors together! And the black and cream fabrics are fabulous! It's going to be a long wait until Aug/Sept but will give me plenty of time to decide what I'll make with it.

My favorite is the blue prin with the subtle ombré. I can hardly wait!! This is a super fun line.

I really love the blue. This collection is awesome!!

I missed Authentic. I came onto the quilting scene a little later but I really liked the line and wished I could have gotten some of it. Ever since then, I try to get a little something from each of your lines. Love them all. The colorway in this line is great for a boy quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

Congratulations! I like the black with the kraft and the blue; a nice natural, homey kind of feel.
Thanks for the chance to win!
kcneiman (at) gmail (dot) com

Love this new collection! My favorite(s) is the black with the blue and "kraft" letters on it, and cream letters.. but love anything with writing and/or letters. Thought I love the blues and browns together, I really LOVE the Authentic collection with those greens, white and black. I hope that is still for sale? Would love to win some of this new collection! Love your stuff!

Beautiful, gorgeous! I love this line and the blue and kraft colors yummmmm! Please pick me :-)

This fabric is awesome. I really like the blues with the letters!!!

oh my!! love this, the blues really make it. though just a touch of Authentic green would really set it off.

Okay, this is probably my favorite Sweetwater line ever. I am a blue, white, and tan girl for sure. I still have some Pure on my shelf that I am hording and looking at. Maybe Elementary will allow me to use up some of that Pure. They look to be fabric siblings.

I have wished that I had some Authentic fabric for years now... I just love that collection! Which is why now I have a large fabric stash... I'm afraid i wont be able to find something I like if I don't get it right away! But this will be a good replacement for not getting Authentic! I like the blue in Elementary! Can't wait to get it!

Beautiful. The blue colorway is my favorite and i LOVE the ombre
print!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Never can go wrong with black and cream. Can hardly wait to add to my stash when it comes out. Wonderful job!

Oh, I LOVE this, all of it! My favourite print is the little sprouts (?) set on bias. So simple and beautiful and also perfect for bindings!

Another absolutely gorgeous collection from my absolutely favorite designers! The colors are perfect and I love the calendar and ruler prints! I am a new quilter and sadly I don't have any of your older collections. I wish I could have gotten some Authentic because it is so beautiful!

i love how this collection says BOY to me. and im also looking forward to mixing it with some of my PURE i still have squirreled away on the shelf!

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