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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


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OMG! Gorgeous. Remember Authentic very well. Darling collection. Shout out to the Sweetwater Gals!

LOVE the new range, but I've got to tell you the green in Authentic has my heart :-)
Cheers - Dawn

I love the new fabric, and I like every color. I'm making a quilt for my son for Christmas though, and I need greens, whites and blacks, so of course my eyes go to every fabric in those colors.

Oh soooo loving this new line! The blue is just wonderful. And Kraft....fabulous. Now to begin planning projects with it. I am an elementary teacher--this hits home!!!!

Elementary looks amazing. We are loving the blue and kraft and all the prints in the line. Twin cousins due in July, how cute will 2 matching baby quilts be in Elementary! Thanks for the chance to win and the inspiration.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! This has to be one of my new favorites! I love fabric with script/text and I love the colors. Can't wait until it is all available to purchase!

Beautiful fabric, I do prefer the green but that is because I am not much of a blue person, I do like the blue as well, Lorraine

I don't know how you did it, but I think you've read my mind!! This is exactly what I've been looking for to make a quilt for my daughter. Everything from the colors to the designs. She will love it and I already have the pattern picked hurry up August/September so I can order it!!

I love the collection ans the blues are a shade that I am very partial too. Very lovely!!

I LOVE this fabric.... it does remind me of the Authentic line. I still have a few scraps of it that I save for just the right project!

Love the new fabric - how could anyone not! I love the print with all the different letters in different fonts. Can hardly wait to play with it! Thanks for the chance to win!

Oh how I love love love this collection!!! Really hoping this will be available in the Netherlands...this collection is a musthave! Love it all mixed up, it would really make a beautiful quilt for my little boy.

I love this collection. As a teacher,I am always looking for shchi related fabric. Can't wait until it is released.

These are great prints! I am totally drawn to blues and greens, so I love both collections, but this blue is really beautiful.

I think I will have to go for the blue and tans! They are my favorite!

Love this collection, especially the print with the letters, appeals to the teacher in me! Love the blue...but the Kraft is also very very nice...

Oh I love this collection! Especially the's beautiful!
Thank you so much for a chance to win!

I must have the second fat quarter bundle of Authentic known to man and it sits, all bundled up, on my sewing desk where I look at it! I need to use it since now I know at least you'll have preserved one for posterity. Ha! I love that math figures print since I'm married to a mathematician.

I love this new collection! The blue is perfect. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

The blue colorway is my favorite:) Throwing some green in from authentic would be a great mix too!!

Elementary all the way! I like how well the neutrals play together with that fun pop of blue!

I love the little leaves, in all colorways! I made my first quilt with your Reunion collection and have some road15 stored to make a quilt for my little boy, I just love your fabric designs!

Love this collection especially the soft blue. Great for making a teacher gift , book bag or laptop bag!

Love love the blues - a cross between robin eggs blue and a soft teal! Congrats on your new fabric line! Beth in AL

The mix of the colors is great. Your favorite would be one that I really like; it is gorgeous. What a wonderful collection.

Love this new fabric! Love the blues!

OH my goodness!! What fun fabric! LOVE it...especially the blue.

Another fun collection. I would still love to see a line that is like authentic to go with what little I have. Thanks for the your great talents and for the generous giveaway.

I love the colors mixed, so will pick the blue and kraft letters on black.

The math equations are my favorite, but the ombré print is a close second.

I don't think I'm ready to pick a fave color but the newsprint and ruler are my fave designs...but it all looks beautiful!

THIS is why you are my FAVORITE fabric line!!!! OMGoodness! Just finished a quilt last night with your beautiful Road 15 fabric! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Love the blue and the calendar print with the "30 days" rhyme! I'm still hoarding an Authentic charm pack myself...

Oh my! This collection is immediately at the top of my must-have list! The colors are amazing together - and while I really like the green in Authentic, the BLUE is just so yummy! I'm always a sucker for text prints, and this is no exception! LOVE!!!!

I love the blue much better than the green. And the little leaf things are my favorite so far. The Ombre look is very interesting it would be great as a backing. Thanks Cynthia

what a gorgeous line, I love the colourway. I hae to say, I really like the blue in Elementary, such a pretty shade

I love the text fabrics and that ombre print caught my eye right away. I do love your designs. Thanks for the chance to win some elementary goodness!

I am not usually a blue person. Not in fabric or personality. But this fabric collection makes me want to say" Roses are red, this fabric is blue. I really do love it - oh please, me- Thank you:)"

Love it all, but I'm into the alphabet lately.

Wonderful collection!!! i think I like the blues, but the tans are great too, and I love the leaf/sprout print and the scattered letters and the motifs on the ombre prints!! Hard to decide what I like best!!

I love your new line. The colors are yummy. I can't wait to make a quilt with the new fabrics for my mother-in-law. She is a retired 4th grade teacher. She would love it especially the tans with blue.

Love the new line! Love it all! Can't wait to see the quilts and things you make with this line. Thanks for the chance to win!

Being the numbers nerd that I am, I totally LOVE the math equations prints! I still have a generous stash of Authentic, myself, and I just can't bring myself to cut into it. So sad, isn't it? One of these days....

OH yummy, yummy, yummy! I have the full line of Authentic that I keep petting, waiting for the perfect pattern. But now I will have to get Elementary too! I'd love to mix the 2 lines.

I think I for sure like the blue better, and especially the fabric that looks like snowflakes.

This may be my new favorite. I always loved Authentic, but adding the blues (which is my favorite color) really makes me excited for the new line.

That aqua-y blue is just sweeter than sweet. Already have projects in mind.

Oh my goodness, Elementary is divine. I am torn between the kraft and the blue colors as my favorite. Thank you for the chance to win!!

Sew perfect of color combos!!!Ombre is the best! Thanks for sharing.

Oh fabric goodness! I love the tan/kraft/sand/ecru! It's a beautiful line.

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