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Sunday, February 23, 2014


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My favorite letter is M because both of my kids names start with M, Micah and Michelle.

I am such a fan of your fabrics, patterns and labels! News of a new fabric line in the works is GREAT news. I'm so glad that you're back, as your posts have been missed. I, too, am a sports fan. Unlike you and the others who have commented, I am over the moon about the outcome of the Super Bowl! It has been a very, very, very long time coming for Seahawks fans. We are extremely proud of our talented and hardworking team.

So glad everything is ok.

Can't wait to see what is coming...I end up buying some of everything you design. Fun for me!!

Yeah, everyone is all right!! I kept checking esp. after the SB[We were sad, too!!]!! Can't wait for March's LC!! We are so tired of winter, but spring brings storms which mean tornadoes. Yuck!! Just rain would be nice.

Those poor kids....just remember... When I taught, the girl soccer players would stretch out on the carpet in my classroom during announcements to take a ten min. nap after returning home after midnight before they had to write timed essays. That is why all schools should begin at 9am.; kids require sleep. Feel for your sister and her kids enduring those exhausting schedules.

Hope you stay refreshed.

Glad you are back! On the one hand I loved how the entire state of Colorado seemed to be in such a great mood leading up to the Super Bowl. But then it was such a disappointment to see how it ended up. We didn't even enjoy the commercials this year. Can't wait to see what you're working on!

Glad your back! I get excited about Super Bowl Sunday also. But it's for a different reason. All the quilt shops in Iowa open up and have great sales for us football widows! So while hubby watches the game i'm in the sewing room checking out all the great deals i got. :)

I can so relate to your Super Bowl comments. The Broncos are my younger sons favorite. He has been a fan since he was 3. And I still haven't been able to bring up the game to him...I know he just wants to forget...

Glad you are back! Loved reading about all the things keeping you so busy..can understand why you really needed a break. The Super Bowl news made it to the TV screens here in Australia, where we have had VERY different weather to yours! Love the new Label Crew, and wanted to also say how thrilled I was to find my address amongst all those on your Road 15 fabric that I bought!

Sew glad you are back. I kept checking everyday or so. Yes, life gets busy with kids, work and vacations!!

Poor Payton, he just looked so sad. Our house was sad too.

Love love love the newest label crew project, can't wait!!

I'm glad you decided to blog because I was getting worried....I cannot wait for the new fabric lines!! I have a pre-cut from every fabric line so I cannot wait to add to more hoarded collection!!!

Well done...glad to see you back...and as I live in Canada...and we have had A HUMONGOUS amount of snow....freezing rain storms etc...etc...I'm glad to see ANYTHING that looks likes spring

Oh, I can so relate to your misery about the Super Bowl! I still can't read my Sports Illustrated magazine about the game. I just keep telling myself that there is always next year. Looking forward to the new stuff coming out!

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