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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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Q for quilting!

"S" for Stacey, (my name) Sydney (my niece whose like my daughter); Sanity; Serenity; Sugar; Sweets; Smart; Sons (I have two) ; Sewing; Stitching and Sisters (I have two) I'm sure I can think of more but those are a few off the top of my head. Thanks for "sharing"

L is my favorite because I live by the live laugh love motto!

C because I love cookies and chocolate!

my favorite is D.

My favorite letter is "L" for . . .
Lord, love, laughter, life, light, lily, leaves, lemons & limes . . . oh yeah & my name, Laura Lynch

I live in Sweet Home Alabama. Sure could use some of your lovely fabrics down here!

My favorite letter is "C", for chocolate!

Hi, it would have to be "H" - the start of so many great words - hope, happy, hilarious...but most of all HEART , a word that covers much and means much, especially in my big, loving family there is plenty of it! Thanks for the competition - you are all HEART!

F for fabric!

My letter is L for Love and Lisa (me) and pretty Lucky too, so I hope I win a prize.

F for family!

Favorite letter is L for love, a wonderful word to hear and say. Thanks for your great blog.

OH..MY..GOSH!!! I've not seen this line before and I'm IN LOVE with the texty prints! I see a shopping trip in my future! I love the letter C, b/c my maiden initials are CC and I'm a Christian! :)

My favorite letter is K for my granddaughter Kennedy. Thanks for the chance to win your fabrics!

My favorite letter would be "F" for Family as that is the most important thing to me.

My favorite letter is D for daughter and I. Have been blessed with a wonderful one. Her birth made my life complete. Love you, Claire.

My favorite letter is L for love. There are so many people and things that I love. I definitely love your fabric. Thank you for a chance to win!

My favorite word is GRACE, so my favorite letter would have to be G. Thanks for the giveaway and your continued inspiration.

S for Spring. Please please please. These beautiful bundles do inspire a warm feeling that comes from a spring day. Or at least the memory of one.

Fun post! I would have to say my favorite letter is "F". My FAMILY means a great deal to me, as do my FRIENDS, and FAITH. And just having FUN in general :)

C for content and cozy, which is how quilting makes me feel (and it is the first letter of my last name).

J - because we are the Jones'

S for spring. Enough of this Snow!

W for wonderful! The feeling I have after completing a quilt project!

I have never picked a favorite letter before, but I believe it would be 'J'. My husband and children all have names beginning with that letter.

My initials are SJV, which would make my favorite letter S for smile. So easy to give and great to receive. Love your fabric line which would put a big smile on my face if I was lucky enough to win.

A is my favourite letter because Mr A (my husband) is my favourite guy!

My Favourite letter is F for Family. It's the main unit of life; without it society would fall apart. Of course, F is also good for Fabric. Thanks for a chance to win some!

L for love,, powerful and quiet.
Love Wishes and doing the BOM,, Awesome!

My letter would be K for Koye and for kittens.

the letter C for cheese, cheesemonger, and charleston!

S is for Sue, and smile, and sun. So of course it's my favorite letter!

I love P for Parties and Pastries! Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the letter 'M' it's the first letter of my boy's pet name Momo so it's super special to me! thanks for the great giveaway

My favorite letter has to be G for Grandchildren (even the ones at the teenager stage!)

My current favorite letter is G because it starts the word Grandma! I love being a grandma so much more than I ever thought I would.

K for Keen Karen

I love M's and K's: K for keith (my husband) and kelsey (my daughter) and M for Melissa and Merrilee (my daughter)

I'll say F for Farm and Funny.

I like the letter J as all of my children's names start with J.

"S" is my favorite letter name is Sandra, Sandy, Stitches or S works for me.

C is my favorite letter today because is stands for cake that you eat and layer cake that you quilt with.

L is a favorite my kids names begin with it. thanks for the opportunity to win some of your great fabric.

My favourite letter is "S" My partners first name begins with S, and he's awesome! Sewing - which I love. Sun - which I hope will warm away these cold, rainy days very soon! And finally Sweet little kitties - I can't not mention my cats!

J which stands for JOY, and JUBILANT, and JELLY, and JINGLEBELLS and JINGERBREAD! Oh, wait, that last one starts with g - but it could start with J if you wanted it to!

Right now my favorite letter is J for James - my first grandchild. He is so sweet and adorable. I am in love! Thanks for the chance to win!!

As much as I love quilting, I think my favourite letter and word are B for books. You didn't say if the giveaway is open internationally or not - I'm in the UK.

My favorite letter is Z, because it is fun to write. I always write it with zest.:D

I like S for Scandinavian- both my married last name and maiden name start with it!

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