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Friday, January 17, 2014


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Could you tell me the Bella Solid "ivory-esque" that best matches Wishes collection?

If you could provide the name and # of the solid I would appreciate it as several online stores generate their own names for solids... ?? I know crazy. So the # really helps.

Thanks so much.

Sorry Go Seahawks!

Broncos all the way!!!! Waiting for some Noteworthy fabric to be delivered to my house, then looking forward to getting some Wishes fabric too. . .just saw the red banners still in the wrapper at my LQS. Can't wait for them to open it up and put it on sale! Love the Sweetwater fabrics and great project ideas!!!

Pillowcases are so cute. BUT GO PATS!! Tom Brady!

Go Broncos - oh and I love the Countdown to Kisses. Will be cheering for Payton and sewing up a storm with Sweetwater projects this weekend.

Hope Denver wins Sunday and wins the Super Bowl!!! PM, an unbelievable quarterback, will hopefully have another SB ring, one more than the Colts' owner who let him go. Plus, the Broncos deserve it!!

Such cute Valentine's projects!! Bought canvas to make this month's Label Crew project. First year that we have had a Valentine's tree. Happy Hearts are everywhere in our home. Just winter fun!!

The pillowcases are lovely. Go Pats:)

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