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Sunday, November 17, 2013


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Hard to choose, but I'd pick the snowman towel. thanks for all of the great projects.

Great job girls on all the Christmas fun. Really hard to pick one favorite. I think it will be the snowman kitchen towel. Thank you for a chance to win. Janita

Anything with "Mama said Sew" is my favorite! It's impossible to pick just one or two... I've always loved your pillow cases and am loving the pillows this year too! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win.

The pillowcases are the best!! Love them all and this time of year!

Snowman gift bag is the greatest!!!!

The Christmas Red Pillows are a favourite too. I especially like the Just Believe one on the red pinwheel fabric.

Lots of great ideas for the holidays. This is my second comment just to tell you that I also liked the pillows on Day 12 and the 'countdown' on Day 13. I love the chalkboard idea; a nice simple way for Christmas inspiration.

Oh now I am not sure...the little stars with numbers on day 13 are just now maybe that's my favorite..but the pillows, the chalkboard label little bags on day 13 as well! You are so so clever, thank you for your fabulous designs.

The Snowman Gift bag is the cutest!

Every year I love to see all the different projects you come up with and pick a few up this year. I really love your chalkboard advent calendar labels and bags this year. So cute

The embellished trees are my favorite. You could go for 15 days next year. :)

Very very cute 12 (13) days of Christmas items this year! I love both the Monogram Basket and the "Be Merry" basket, but the mini quilt is also up near the top. Thanks for all the fun ideas & the giveaway!

This year the trees are my favorite; although, I have to say it is ALWAYS hard to pick a favorite of yours!

I love the snowman bag and mini quilt: it will make a great gift for my friend who loves snowmen!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

I didn't think it could get any cuter, but those Ink Swatch pillows take the cake!

Well, so far the Snowman label. Which reminds me I need to get one ordered! Thanks for the Christmas countdown!

The Family mini quilt is one of my favorites this year. I loved the way you used all the holiday words and included the family name. Really, all were worthy of a "mini melt down!"

Wow!! Too many great ideas! The ink swatch certainly must be added to my list as a favorite!!

My two favorites are the Santa bags and the Monogram basket. Both are super ideas for Christmas.

Day 12 is my fav....the ink swatches....LOVE

The monogram basket is my favourite!

Wait! I love the Christmas pillows with the black Mam Said Sew! Beautiful!!

Definitely the snowman towel, too cute! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

This is my first time with you and the The Twelve Days of Christmas and I have been having a ball! I love making pillowcases and I can not wait to make yours for my grandchildren. Thanks for all the fun!

I love the snowman bag and mini quilt! I already bought the patterns and made 2 of the bags!! Love them!

Santa Bags! I thought if i make some of those i could skip wrapping presents and just put them all in one bag. :)

The snowman kitchen towel is my favorite but they are all adorable. I can picture that towel hanging in my kitchen looking oh so cute!

The santa bags are my favorite so far!

Love, love, love the snowman bag and mini quilt!

great job on the projects. very difficult to choose just one, it's like the chips= but the snowman towels, trees, Santa bags... and the list goes on from there. can't wait to see 12 and 13.

Love the fun and delightful snowman kitchen towel and/or the cute framed snowman label as they can be displayed after the holiday season.

They are all GREAT!! It's like choosing your favorite child...
I love the Family Christmas Quilt and the Be Merry Basket.
Love, love, love your designs.

The Monogram Basket is so darn cute.

This is difficult to choose....the Be Merry basket and the Santa bag are my top two. Love these ideas each year. Thanks for a chance to win a sewing kit.

The Be Merry basket (but LOVE all of them so far)!

Be Merry Basket is my favorite.

I love the Santa bags!! Can't wait to make them for all do my friends' kids!

I LOVE the snowman gift bag. He is just too cute. :)

Santa bags!!

Love the Santa bags!!

Wow, hard decision . . . either the Be Merry Basket or the Santa bags. They are all just super cute!

I love the Be Merry basket!!

The snowman gift bag and mini quilt. With the trees second. I loved them all actually,!

I love the Snowman gift bag and mini quilt!!!

The Santa bag and snowman mini quilt!,

Loved the santa bag as I have two young kiddos they would be great for and also the be merry basket - for me ;)!!

It's a toss-up between the Be Merry Basket and the Monogram Basket. How do I pick?

I love them all, but my MOST favorite is the Santa bag! SO cute!

Thanks for all of the holiday inspiration again this year!

There is something about those pillowcases that keeps me looking at them over and over. I also like the snowman ruffle towel.... a lot. Funny thing though, snowmen aren't usually my thing, but there is something about him! One thing is for sure....this is my favorite version of 12 days of Christmas!

The snowman bag - love all your designs!

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