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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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Confetti is my fav! You can't help but smile when you see it...all that yummy colorful fabric sweetness! Thanks for the chance to win!

Centerpiece is my favorite and they all look great!

Confetti is my favorite!!

My favorite is Confetti - so colorful and bright! I love the white space to show off a quilting pattern as well! How fun!

Favorite? How do you choose between these? They are ALL magnificient! If I must choose, I think Celebrate might be a narrow winner. ;) Can't wait until the patterns are out!

All the Quilts. Look Fab but I was drawn to Celebrate looks like Bunnting

I would say Make a Wish... I love the solid centers... it would be great to make a memory quilt where you would actually write your wishes!

Make a wish . So fun! I love them all.

Close call between Centerpieces and Make a Wish but Centerpiece win by an inch!

Love them all but I also think borderline is my favourite,

Confetti is my favorite but it was a very difficult choice. As always,beautiful job with them all!

Love them all...but borderline really "does it" for me! Your fabrics and patterns are lovely...thanks for sharing your creativity!

I really really love Celebrate. Everything you guys create......I can't get enough of!

I really like centerpiece! Thanks for the chance to win.

Confetti is my favourite but so hard to choose as I love them all, the colours are lovely so bright with dark days ahead!!!

They are all wonderful, but Confetti is my fave.

Gorgeous colors in these quilts. They are all so fun. Celebrate is one that really caught my eye with its vibrant colors.

Oh am I ever in agreement with you! Borderline all the way :)

Well I think it would be fun to play with all of them, but Centerpiece will be the first since I am learning to play with hexies! Thanks for sharing.

Centerpiece is my favorite. I haven't made anything with the new hexagon shape yet so it would be especially good to have.

I agree Borderline is my fave. Different! Love it! Thanks!

I think I was immediately drawn to "Celebrate" but they are all great designs

I love the confetti. Your colors are beautiful.

I like Centerpiece.

I love them all, but my favourite is Confetti.

Thank you

I immediately fell for Centerpiece but Borderline is a close second. Love to win the patterns.

Hard decision but I choose confetti and centrepiece.

I am a "C" today loving Celebrate and Centerpiece but then my name is a "C"

It was difficult to decide, but I love Centerpiece. Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts.

Always love you patterns and fabrics, confetti is my favorite!

I love Make a Wish. It is sew fun... Congrats on your new fabric line. Beautiful!

I just love them all, so it is neatly impossible to choose a favorite! But if I must, it is probably Confetti (followed VERY closely by Borderline.)

I love them all, but Confetti the best!

My favorite is Centerpiece.

It would be between borderline and confetti. Being a newby, I think confetti might be easier to do. Love all the quilts! The fabric is so bright and cheerful.

They are all so pretty, love the fabric color choices for this Wishes line!, I am in love with the Centerpiece pattern, with all the rest of the patterns a close second!! I like them all!!

Borderline -- very nice use of the fabrics. I'd love to win : )

I need to add that my favorite pattern is "Make a Wish" and it would be a great friendship quilt with Wishes fabric.

I like Wishes. What a great pattern for a friendship quilt!! Lots of space to write a name or message. Love the colors!!


Confetti really looks like a lot of fun to make, and I love the way some great quilting in the middle shows off. Such a great new assortment of fun designs!

I'm in love with strings at the moment so my favorite is confetti. Thanks for a chance to win. janita

Celebrate is my favorite, but they're all awesome.

My favorite is Borderline, too. I like the big blocks of color with the little triangle splashes of color.

Today my favorite is Celebrate....tomorrow it will probably be Centerpiece. They are all so beautiful! Can't wait for Wishes! Thank you for sharing!

My favorite is Borderline. Thanks for the chance to win.

I'm having a hard time choosing between Celebrate and Confetti. Hmmmm.......I think I'm going to say Celebrate. But I like Confetti too!!!

My favorite is centerpiece. The hexagons are so pretty!

Man, they're all pretty! I do like the Centerpiece the best though. Can't wait to get ahold of some fabric. Thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite is also Borderline.. I am already thinking of all different colors and ways to do it :) Awesome! And thank you for the giveaway!

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