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Thursday, October 31, 2013


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The hot pads are just great! Am looking forward to the 12 days of Christmas, too.

That's funny, cause a couple days ago i was checking out your blog to see what the label crew kit was going to be. Couldn't find anything about it and was like duh their at Quilt Market they don't have time for that yet.
Like the pot holder, i really need to make some new ones.
Can't wait to see the 12 days of Christmas.
Hope you had a great show at market.

Love the hot pads and your little guy is darling! Looking forward to the 12 Days of Christmas (yikes)!

Christmas? Should I have my tree up yet? ;p I've had Christmas music playing in the house for several weeks because I'm working on Christmas gifts.

Welcome home! Don't know how the 3 of you do it but you do and you deserve lots of kudos for that. ;p

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