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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


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I get your blog posts, love your site and fabric. Size matters because I have a small immediate family, my husband and 2 grown kids(27 and 31 years old). Also have 3 grand dogs,(2 small and 1 large). Would love to win. Thanks, Patty

I fell in love with your Boo Crew fabric when I found it at a local quilt shop! I already have more projects planned for it then I have fabric! Hope the sale is still going on...

Size matters when we pack out suit cases to go to the airport!

Size matters! My son is constantly outgrowing his shoes!

Size matters tremendously in quilting. This year I have been working on improving my precision piecing. If the scant 1/4 inch isn't perfect, those little blocks don't come together right.

Size definitely matters! Most importantly in shoes! Bigger is not always better in quilts but it's the amount of love and care that matters. And we put a lot of that into our projects.

I had a discussion of family size with my daughter this weekend. I come from a family of 10, we have 6 children, all married with from 3-5 children each, except this daughter. She has 1 daughter and despite desires, will probably not have any more. We have a lot of fun getting together, we love being together, we are quite a force when we are en mass. But the 3 of them have made a very complete family unit and are finding fun and satisfaction in their situation.
Size matters but every size has value and importance. Good question. Thanks.

As related to quilting, size matters in that my sewing space is so small that small projects are about all I can do. Good thing I like small projects and small blocks. One of these days though I'll have a bigger space and the size of my projects can grow accordingly.

Size only matters to me in the size of my fabric stash. Being a new quilter it's small right now, but I'm working on making it bigger! Thanks for your post. Loved it! I'm learning so much!

Size matters - Our family has lived in large houses and small. The fondest memories have come from those times when the family huddled and cuddled in those smaller spaces. So many times less is more! Love the new collection - the black and teal colorways - Yum!

I love your question...size matters for me right now in the food portions I eat...I am trying to be more healthy and so this has become more of a focus...hopefully I will live longer and have time to finish every quilt I have started! Your fabric is beautiful by the way! I love it!

Size matters when you are lucky enough to have a sewing room. I'm constantly reorganizing and rearranging my space to make the best use of it!

Size does matter, with a family of 4 now we're outgrowing our appartment, and to make extra space, I should think about using up all my fabric stash, but hey, would surely find a spot to store this road 15 fabric ;-)

Love the SIZE MATTERS idea! We've got 8 healthy kids, and, 10 beautiful grandkids so far. Cannot wait to see how many more God will send us. Now to the task of making each of them a special quilt. (I'm only 1/2 way there).

Some times size shouldn't matter. Prejudice against overweight people makes many people very sad. Embrace our individuality!

Funny you should mention hair, now that mine is grey it is way thicker and I almost have big hair! Love my growing family.

Size matters in many ways! This year I am very happy with the size of my class, 22 students!!! Just two years ago I had 32, so this is heaven! I enjoy my students and feel like I can help them more! I also think the SIZE of my Sweetwater fabrics is very important! I just love your fabric!!!

Gorgeous fabrics! I like to make bigger quilts, I feel they are more useful.

the only size that matters to me is the size of someone's heart and the size of my

For me, size small is dog is small, I love mini quilts, but my stash is too big. I am working on making it smaller tho. And then you tempt me with that gorgeous Road 15 fabric..eek.

The size of my stash seems to be my current concern. How can you have too much fabric?

Size matters, but quality matters more.

Size must be important to me because I have a pretty large stash of fabrics in my sewing room!

Size matters to me only when I am trying to decrease it! So that is my body and my stash!

love the friendship star quilt.

Size my family. The world is perfect for we are a family of 4. We fit perfectly in a car, we can ride roller coasters with no odd man out, we can sit in a booth at a restaurant with ease. :)

As I lost 100 pounds, size mattered. My size changed from 2X to 6. I shopped resale shops. Donated the ones that were too big and bought ones that fit. What matters most is that my health improved!!

Love this new twist on size matters, this is going to be a fun blog hop. Thanks for inviting us all to play along.

Hiya! I'm 5 foot 2 (160) and have size 10 (42) feet! My mom always said I was small but mean when I was a kid but she meant it in only the nicest of ways--she wanted me to remember to speak up! Just adore this newest line Road 15, but I would not complain if you reprinted Pure someday too ;)

I too have really thick hair but it is baby fine so I used to have a perm. I still have big feet and they are the bane of my life, most large shoes are wide fitting and are designed for VERY OLD people or children? think round toe sandals with t straps and perforations.

Size matters for me in my daily driver. I was having difficulty getting out of the small, lower to the ground 2dr car I was driving. Switched it up to an SUV where I can get up into the seat ... Sew much better (and much more convenient for hauling fabric home or to the shop for a weekend class :-)

Size matters when it comes to my height 5'11" hard to find shoes . My husband always argues with me that I am 6'!! Lovley fabrics!

Shoes are a size 11! My grandma always said you need a strong foundation to build a temple.

Size matters! BK- Before Kids, my shoe size was 9 medium. Now I'm lucky to fit into a 10 wide!

Size really matters when I look at the Rocky Mountains behind my house. I am really glad they are there so I can watch the sun peek over them every morning and view the sunset reflection coloring them in the evening. Simply gorgeous!

I think of the size of my family. I'm the oldest of 5 kids and we just all got together for our youngest sib's daughter's wedding in June. I have 4 children and this weekend celebrated our 3rd grandson's first b'day with 3 of the kids home for it. Great family stuff. I love how you used your family's address with this line. So cool!!

Being 5.3" it sure does matter... it is always a little more difficult being short but it works when you are in a plane or in smaller spaces so I can't complain too much. I love the road 15 fabric, I recently used it in a postage stamp pillow - LOVED IT!!

As far as my kids go, size matters! I have two teenage boys, one just left for college and one is in middle school. They are both taller than me and it's fun to remember how small they were not too long ago! I'm sure they would love this comment LOL!!

Size matters when it's the baking dish I'm using ... otherwise it's that much harder to make goodies for my favourite people.

Your sister is absolutely gorgeous. :) LOVE her hair. :) And your fabrics are to dye for. Size does matter---I'm the youngest of 9 kids---a BIG family. :)

Size totally mattered in 1993! That was my junior year in high school and I'm surprised the school photographer could fit all of my bangs into the picture!

Would love to win some of your beautiful fabric, thanks for the giveaway!

Road 15 is very fun fabric. When it comes to size, these are the things I like BIG/HUGE:
Hugs and Kisses from my Kids/Family
Bouquets of Flowers
Stash of Fun Fabrics
Wonderful Threads
Chocolate Pie

Need I go on? LOL


Size matters because I have random measurements. I swear I wear a size 9 3/4 shoe. Not 9.5, not full 10. Everything should come in 1/4 incriments!

Size matters when I look at my kids. My kiddos are getting so grown up...I look at my baby nieces and then look at my 6 and 8 year olds. I love both stages, but at this point I'm so glad my kids are big enough to be great helpers while my husband trains for a new job!

Size matters, only sometimes. I love the big block patterns, but I prefer smaller projects as well. Right now I am making baby bibs by the truckload .... everyone I know seems to be having kiddos.

Size does matter where it counts - sweet chubby babies to hug and tickle; families that grow from 5 to 14 in 4 years; big, snuggly quilts to wrap in with those sweet babies!

Oh, I so envied y'all with your big hair in the 80's. It didn't matter how much mousse, hair spray or other assorted hair products i added, nothing could pouffe out my fine thin locks to look like that. sniff, sniff. i'm still jealous..... Thanks so much for sharing. Love your quilt...

Size matters to me in that I have out grown my sewing room. I guess it is time to use up that fabric. Love yours and would find a spot for it somewhere.

Size matters in almost any aspect of your life. I think your family and friends groups are one of the most important "sizes". Love your new collection and would be honored to win the jelly roll. Thanks

Right now I am thinking a lot about the size of our family. With our oldest son in grad school 14 hours away and our daughter getting ready to leave for a year in Europe, I am wishing we had a bigger size family! I'm going to miss them so much and not looking forward to the dwindling size of our family.

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