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Thursday, March 14, 2013


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So excited for your new fabric you have a list of addresses that made it for the final run? Sure hope mine did!

Gorgeous table runners. I am very ready for summer to arrive.. I totally dislike cold weather. guys are killing me...the fabrics are just way too awesome!! you guys are just way too awesome....I cannot stress to you how lucky you are that I don't live near you guys cuz I would totally be stalking you, but of course, not in a crazy way, like I'm totally sounding now!! lol...keep up the great work!!

Love the table runner in noteworthy. Was just thinking the other day i need to make one for spring. I too remember when you asked for the addresses, can't wait to see if mine made it.

Can't wait to see the new fabric.....anticipation.....

I can't wait to see the new fabric!!! And maybe my quirky swedish adresses got in? I am sooo looking forward to seeing this!!!

I love that runner in Noteworthy. It looks like kites which is perfect for spring. (But not 3000mph wind :)

Can't wait to see the new stuff!!

Cute runners but did you say NEW fabric??? SWEET!!!

I DO remember that! I was wondering about it a few months ago actually. I hope this Australian address made it!

Very nice table runner. The noteworthy colors are perfect for spring also.
Did someone say "NEW FABRIC" I love new fabric! I remember the post asking for addresses and I can't wait to see the fabric :)
Yes, I love new fabric and Sweetwater fabrics are always to-die-for.

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