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Monday, March 18, 2013


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I always look forward to your new fabric releases. Love the variety of styles in your fabric lines - text, dots, stripes, designs - all in great colours. I especially love the black and white fabrics and the reds, especially the red houses. Great fun as always.

I love the little houses and barn and outbuildings in all the colors!

I love the black and white prints, also!

You do realize now everyone will be getting this fabric to find their address in it, right??!! hehe While I normally love greens & blues I *really* like the white & black. I'm envisioning a quilt made out of those fabrics with a red binding for a pop of color!

I love the green but the black is also calling my name! LOL
What a fabulous idea....everyone will want to buy it just to find their address on it! How cook is that! Then we will need to buy lots, at lease a few repeats which probably means a few yards/meters! LOL The perfect fabric for an address book cover! Love it all!

I sent our address in a year ago. Hope we made the cut!!!!

Another stunning line. I love what you did with the addresses. That is so cool. That and the houses are my faves.

Beautiful collection, I'm already thinking of what I can do with it!

I love the addresses and houses in all colourways, but the blue, green and white combo in the last photo is just wonderful.
And I love the greys. Sigh, it seems like there is nothing for it - I'll have to buy the fat quarter pack to get the full range again, the way I have done with all your recent designs!

They are all gorgeous! I am liking red a lot these days!

I found it! I found it! I found my address!!

Love the turquoise and green, but the red is pretty cool also. Thank You for the chance to win some.

I love the turquoise and green, I love the squares and trees (especially)!
I love all you gals come up with! I love the story behind the fabric as well...

That green is sublime! And those HOUSES! Adore them.

You girls are so fun! I love your new line. Cannot wait to get some and find my address. I am in love with the fabric that has the circles in a circle. I think the reds are my favorites, although the blues are close behind. Thanks so much for keeping us inspired.

Ooh love the grey and the green, love the addresses and the little blocks... Just planning my next quilt here...

Love all of them! They are gorgeous!

I love it all! I so want all of it even though I swore today I didn't need more fabric as I just re-organized my fabric closet and I can officially say I am a fabric hoarder!! I love the black and my second favorite is the green! Thanks!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the address fabric! The whole line looks excellent - love all the colors too!! I did find my street - in black & white AND red & white. COOL!

Definitely the fabric with the street addresses

Another great fabric line! I like both the black and red colorways--really, I like them all. Thanks for the chance to win. . . and if I don't, I can't wait for it to become available.

The blues are my favorite, but I'd take any of them :) They're all great.

Love the red, the black, the aqua! Will be fun looking for my address. You ladies are amazing!

Love the black collection! Great work!

Would love to win some. Cant wait to see it all.

I love the block fabric in green, my favorite color.

I really like the blue color way!

I love the address fabric.

I love the row of houses!!! and I keep coming back to the one 3rd pic down bottom fabric - love them!!!

Another gorgeous line! I love the black and whites!

Another great line, it's fab.

I love the blue colorway. I will be looking for my address ...

WOW! Y'all are so creative. Each fabric line has been spectacular and unique. I thoroughly enjoy checking out your website to see what's new. I along with everyone else here love the entire Road 15 collection, but I personally will always be drawn to the teal/turquoise colors.

I just ordered a noteworthy quilt kit. You are going to kill my bank account. I love your fabric. My favorite is hard to pick but I do love the houses! It's a good think I'm not married!

My favorite is the green and aqua! Great combination. I'm having trouble picking a favorite fabric, though. I like them all!

I love all the colorways of this line especially the grey and aqua ...oh and the red...and black..Well you get my drift. This line is just as awesome as your others

My favorite has got to be the little houses in black and white. Can't wait for this line to come out!

Another interesting concept for your fabric--love the red and the green. The house print is great!! I saw several that might have been one of mine over the years.

Thanks for the chance to win some of the 'scrap'. A quilter can never have too many.

I love all of these! Your fabric is very addicting! My favorite is the squares with arrows and text, though it's a tough decision!

Absolutely love this fabric! Have been waiting anxiously (impatiently) to see what you were going to do with our addresses. I love the grey with the houses and the turquoise with the circles.
i drive back and forth from Denver to Lincoln every other week and always wonder what wonderful things are happening at the Sweetwater homestead when I pass Fort Morgan! Keep up your great job of creativity!! Sheila

I love the aqua!

wow!! Love it.
The black and white is awesome.
IF I had to pick a favorite, I really loved the green trees, and aqua houses. FUN.

Wonderful fabric line! I love the addresses and the houses and I love all the colors! Didn't see my address in the pictures so I guess that means I will just have to buy some! :)

Just pick one colour way??? I love this new line! You ladies are the best! If you make me pick one... the black and white is most stunning. All of them are gorgeous though. Looking forward to when I can purchase some and what you'll come up with using them!

I love them all! I am a red person so that might be my favorite! Can't wait to try and find my address.

At first I thought the black houses and white print but then I saw the 4 red colors together, Wow, love those.

Oops! Forgot to say that my favourite print is the rows of houses in green.

I just love the new fabric line. Can't wait to get my hands on it and look for my address.

I love the stripes! It is all so cute.

Love the new line!! The black and white houses and addresses are my favorites.

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