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Monday, March 18, 2013


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I, too, like the aqua trees with the white squares and aqua and white stripe. Absolutely love the colors and prints of the whole line.

Love this line, aqua is my favorite!!

This is so cool! I really love this. You're in big trouble, because I'm going to have to have the whole line! I especially love the black and whites, but I really love them all! Thanks for the chance!

You all never stop amazing mE!! I love the green. I always seem to go to the green. Anyway, love them all. Great Job!!

Wow! I can hardly wait for this fabric to arrive in our quilt store! I love the black and aqua together! I think I need to get a full set! Such a great idea to use addresses and to honor your home!

Beautiful fabrics! I love the inspiration for the name, it's a great way to honor your family home : )
I think the aquas would look great with some of the black prints.

I love the turquoise. Especially all the little houses.

All of them are really lovely and fun. If I has to choose I'd pick the black and white. Thanks for the opportunity to win some.

Oh my! So hard to choose--I really love them all. Today the black and white are really attracting me for a neat new quilt. Beautiful!

Wow! and I thought I couldn't live without Noteworthy! these colors are great! love your creativity! I think I'd say black, but then wait that blue is so lovely! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the whole line. If I have to choose it would either be the Gray or Blue. I can not wait until this comes out to the fabric shops. When will this release be able to be purchased.

Those black and white houses are great! But I also like that pop og green color. Beautiful line!

My favorite, the turquiose, no the green, oh but the gray! Love it all! You have outdone yourselves again! Beautiful!

the adresses and the houses in black and white are spetacular!!!

I loove the greens and blues, especially the houses and the fabric with the squares with directions in them. This is a really cool line! Can't wait to see it! When is it due out? Thanks for the giveaway! I don't care how small the pieces are, schnibbles are the best!

Giant LOVE for the black, aqua, and gray...LOVE Sweetwater!! :-)

I don't think I can just pick one they are all so cute! Can't wait to get my hands on Road 15! Too cute!

I really like the black and the grey color ways! Beautiful!

I love every line that you release. I love the grey the most though.

What a great collection, I love all color ways and can't wait to use them!

Love the blacks and whites, the houses and trees.

The little houses are so cute! I love them in all the colorways. :) The aqua fabrics are also great!!!

I love black & white prints with red as an accent color. These fabrics are WONDERFUL! I found an address I submitted. You made my day! Thanks so much.

I'm a sucker for black/white prints. And your fabric lines ALWAYS speak to me! I just bought a bunch of Noteworthy to make a quilt. The trees are SO adorable, as are the houses. I just can't pick one favorite. Oh! And I love the aqua color, too.

Congratulations on another great fabric line! It's hard to choose a favorite but I really like the black and white prints. They remind me of Authentic. I also really like the blue you chose to go with this line.

Thanks for offering the great giveaway!

What a fun new fabric line! All the colors are great, but I really like the aqua!

I like all the colors, and my favorite print is the houses next the street map with the arrows and all the different states mixed up. I always get a charm pack of my favorite fabric lines!! I just organized my sewing room and almost every charm pack I have ever bought is a Sweetwater. I am your biggest fan!! ;)

I love the greens and blues, and the houses prints the most, but love them all!

I love all the prints and colors but I would choose the houses as first choice! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the white (background) houses:) actually there isn't one piece that I don't love!

Omg they are all gorgeous, but the grey really got me. Love the houses. Great line!

Be still my heart! These are ALL gorgeous but the way. If I have to pick, I'd say grey or turquoise.

Way to hard to decide, the whole line is gorgeous!

I love it all, but the red is gorgeous. My addie is even in the fourth row down on the black piece. Too fun@@@

This collection is right up my alley! Love the neighborhood. I'm not picky when it comes to colorways in this collection, as I could easily see myself using every bit of scrap up. Just darling <3.

This collection really resonates with me, as a young girl my family moved frequently due to my father's job in the oil industry. Some places we lived in were never very dear to my heart and some were very special. Now that my husband and I have started our own family (2 kids under two!) I feel like we've made our own home.
Grey, Green and black and white, of course with the white on white!

It's fabulous!! I would love to make something using the cool greens and blues, along with the white on white. Plus, I'm hoping to find my address!!

Love the houses and my favorite colors are green and blue. Congrats on the new line.

I love the aqua and grey!! Although the black reminds me of chalkboard. Job well done! Can't wai to get some and play.

Love the new fabrics, of course so far I have quite a stash of sweetwater fabrics.

My favorite color is green but black and whites are talking to me.

I love them all!!!!! The aqua might be my favorite....might lol, because its really hard to pick. I can't wait to see if our address made it. Thank you so much for the chance to win some of your adorable fabric =D

I submitted a couple of my previous addresses, how fun was that! Thanks for the giveaway. Can't wait for the fabric to actually be in stores and for the Label Crew using this collection. Always great!!

I love love love the aqua and grey! My parents have lived in their house that my Daddy built for almost thirty years, just a few months short of the entire time I have been alive, and my mom and I submitted their address to you last year. We can't wait to buy this line to make many wonderful things using the only address to my that will ever really be HOME. Thanks for making this wonderful fabric.

Oh my, do I have to choose? They are all so wonderful. I am so loving aqua and red right now but I can SEE a wonderful quilt hanging above my couch I can't wait to get my hands on these!

Oh I so love the greens, no wait the reds are my favorites, but actually the classic blacks are really my favorites...alright I love them all and can't wait to get my hands on all of them! Awesome designs!!

What a wonderful new line! I love them all, but the gray colorway really caught my eye today :)

The only bad part is waiting! Just LOVE these fabrics! Black is my favorite colorway (with aqua a close second!)

I love this new line! I'm surprising myself here but I love the greys! Red is always my favorite and I'll need the trees in all the colors! Obviously I can't choose my favorite!

This is so neat! I know I sent in my address, am looking forward to getting the fabric to see if it is on it! Thanks for making unique, fun, fabrics!

I always have to have your fabric lines..can't wait to find my address!

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