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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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Fun pattern!! And speaking of Noteworthy, did you all see the quilt, I think it was posted yesterday, at the Moda Bakeshop blog? It featured Noteworthy and is great!! I'm needing to buy more Noteworthy so I can make it: it's a beaut!

Has to be the red!! Love all the prints! You guys rock!!

I have a complaint (she says tongue in cheek) ... every time you come out with such gorgeous, irresistible patterns I am totally compelled to make them!

U guys are so talented and awesome!! I thought you couldn't top Noteworthy but you did it again. Love it all especially the blacks and the adorable houses. Would love to get my hands on some.

So very lovely! While it's definitely a toss up between the aqua and the greens, I have to go with the aqua. Such beautiful fabric!

Absolutely adorable! =D

OMG! That is so adorable. You are so creative, I love it!

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