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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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Definitely valentine's Day

Oh my goodness that is definitely a tough choice, each one is too cute. I think I would pick Halloween, what a fun Holiday! Thanks for once again sharing some amazing fabric and ideas with us!

I am definitely a more of a Valentines person than Halloween, but that fabric makes Halloween SO much fun! Love it!

Both! (okay, maybe Valentine's has a slight edge)

Very hard choice as both have lots of chocolate! I guess I will have to go with Halloween as I have two little ones that find great joy in the trick or treating part.

I was married on Valentine's Day, so I have to pick it as my favorite holiday. But I sure do love all the Halloween candy!

OMG!!! Halloween is by far my favorite. I love everything about Halloween.

It's Halloween for me. Bring on the Boo Crew and Fall leaves

It's Valentines Day for me ! Love the new Halloween line though!

Love, love, love your new Halloween line - it's the best I've seen in a long time. Thanks for a chance to win!!

Love love love halloween because it's more about the kids.

Halloween for sure~! Your new fabrics are very cute. Thanks for the chance to win.

Oh that's a tough one, probably Halloween because I love seeing the kiddos get so excited. Thanks for another adorable line.

I vote Valentines!--but your fabric is way cuter than Valentines fabric!

I am a Halloween girl for sure! (birthday is 10/29 so I think its just mandatory!) thank you!

I love Valentine's Day, even though I don't have a sweetheart, but now that I have grandkids Hallowe'en is rising to the top! Thanks for the opportunity!

I love Halloween. I love to decorate for it and it seems like a low stress holiday.

I love Valentines Day a ton; however, I love Halloween fabric more!

I like Valentines Day better than Hallowe'en, mostly because I don't like scary things. However, I love your Boo Crew line. It's not scary!

Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Halloween is definately my favorite! I have several decorations for Halloween, but not much for Valentines day. Boo Crew looks pretty neat, can't wait to see what types of projects you make with it.

Halloween! Love little ones so excited to best dressed up in cute costumes. The chill in the air. Warm cider & donuts. It all makes me smile!

I love Halloween!

Halloween! My son is an October baby and my favorite time of the year!

I like Halloween. I've never been a fan of Halloween fabric until I saw your new line. OMG it is adorable. I also love the valentine towel. You guys are very creative. Thanks for sharing.

Halloween is a family favorite. Love the new line :)

Halloween, faaaar less pressure to do something "special" and "romantic" -- It's just about fun

Valentines Day for sure...all that pink and red...mmmmmmm.

I prefer Valentines Day only because growing up in CO I hated putting effort into my costume when I knew a winter jacket was going to go right over it! But decorating for Halloween is a blast:)

No doubt in my favorite is Valentine's Day!

I vote valentine's Day!!! Who doesn't love LOVE!!! :)

Valentine's Day - we need lots of love in the world!

I love Valentine's day!

my favorite holiday is halloween -- living her in the 'valley of the sun' we are always glad to see the month of october show up. it means cooler days, along with the ghosts and goblins. i love the BOO crew line, all the colors and prints. please count me in!

Well that's a tough one for me. I think I would have said Valentine's Day since it's coming up and I'm feeling like Valentiney right now, but after seeing Boo Crew I'm going to have to say Halloween because I do love all of that Halloween fabric and I usually do at least one Halloween quilt a year. I know what line I'm going to be looking for to use in this year's Halloween quilt......Boo Crew!!! I just love it :-)

For quilting Halloween is my favorite holiday.

That's a hard one... but I go for Valentine's Day - red is becoming a new favorite color! It also means that Spring is just around the corner!

I prefer Valentines Day, but I have to say I love your Halloween fabric that's not dominated by spiders and witches. LOVE those little monsters and all the great basics in there!!!!

I love Valentine's day! i love the hearts, the colors and it is very close to our anniversary a few says after that! However Halloween is a close second,and your new fabric has me drooling!!

I prefer Halloween. The nice ♥ thing I do already all year long, so I want to be the witch for some hours.

Warm regards,

Valentine's Day is best. Love the new line - a always you gals do a great job of designing. Love the towel design too!!Thanks for the chance to win.

Not an easy question to answer at all...I LOVE Valentine's Day and have for as long as I can remember (it doesn't hurt that my birthday is the day after), but my youngest was born on Halloween & it has been magical ever since!

I LOVE to buy Halloween fabric. I'm so excited to get some of this!!

Hands down, Halloween!

I've got to say that I LOVE Halloween...all those pumpkins and jack o'lanterns....the crisp fall air....and the excitement of my grandchildren as they go out trick-or-treating!!!!

Jackie M, MD

I prefer Halloween! Love that holiday. Your new fabric is so fun.

I'd have to say much fun with the kids dressing up and having a scary good time!! Love your Boo Crew line and the cute towel!>

I prefer Halloween because of the color scheme

I like Halloween. Love this fabric line and the colors are great!

Both in a way. Valentine's is my birthday, so it is my favorite day, however not because of the holiday. Halloween is the better (and more fun!) holiday. I LOVE the new fabric!! love the new line.

Definitely Halloween. I think I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations! It has something to do with loving Fall so much. The new fabric is wonderful!!!

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