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Friday, January 11, 2013


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How do I get notice of NEW fabrics?
Like what you do but can't always find them before they sell out.

I am looking to purchase 2 yds of numbers, Authentic to finish my 2nd quilt in this line.

Authentic - my favourite line of yours. Almost missed getting it, as it sold out so quick!

Authentic was one of my FAVORITE lines ever! Why must you toy with me by showing it!!?? ;)

Going states side in a couple weeks, love your line of fabric and paper, shopping is definitely on my agenda! Your stuff is so hard to find out here.

I love your papers that I have from several years ago. I was in the monthly club and have a whole section in my scrapbook storage area titled 'Sweetwater'. It's my favorite paper! Can't wait.

I love this idea! Makes it easier to match paper to our clothes when we scrapbook!
Glad that your idea worked out with Bazzill!

You have our beloved Peyton! How sad we were to see him go! It seems so strange to me to see him in orange... always thought he'd be a Colt!

Happy to see him doing well though. And, Andrew Luck is looking very promising for us. Hopefully, we'll get back on the map.

Love your fabric lines!

Was very happy to see this post. I saved (Hoard) all of your papers to this day. I so miss the calendar papers. This made my weekend. Can't wait to see them in real life.

Yay Yay Yay! I am so so so happy about the paper lines!!! You know how much Amy and I have missed them. ;) And our poor Broncos :( Seriously a hard way to end this season!

xo, Jen

*sigh* My heart is broken.

Congratulations! I quilt and scrap/make cards! fabulous news! too bad about the Broncos :(

I'm watching the game right now, I'm sure you're not noticing the cold so much, it's a pretty exciting game!
Do you think there will ever be a reprint of Authentic? I wasn't quilting when it came out so I missed it, and I absolutely love it!

I'm watching the Broncos game even as we speak, and cheering loudly for the Broncos! But I expect you to return the favor tomorrow and cheer loudly for the Patriots! (I live in New England.) Meanwhile, at halftime I plan to do some online shopping for some Noteworthy fabric. LOVE IT!!!

How exciting for you! I originally knew sweetwater as a scrapbook line and I have some sweetwater products. But I was thrilled when you started doing fabrics. Glad to hear your fans will have the best of both worlds now.

Congrats, congrats!!! I love to make cards too, and nothing makes me happier than having a great fabric and then having it in paper too!!! You are going to make me poorer! :-P I got a layer cake of Noteworthy for Christmas: still deciding what I'm going to use it for, but I love it!!! I noticed that one of your bucket list items was to visit the wine country: I live there!! Keep my email, cause if you or your family visit I'd love to share some of the hidden treasures with you all (and no, I don't mean go there with you like a stalker,) but just give you the places that are great to see and you can visit them yourselves: but I might ask to take you out to lunch if you have time. :-) Hugs from Helen in Healdsburg

You've been missed in the scrapbooking world. Can't wait to get my hands on some of the new paper.


I preordered a fat eighth bundle of Noteworthy and I love it! Your designs are so fresh and pretty. I made a quilt in the fall with Reunion and am now hoarding as much of it as I can, reunion and noteworthy are my favorites!
Come to think of it, I just got my Lucy's quilt back from the quilter, just needs binding. Please keep up the great work!

That has made my day. My absolute paper designer of all time is back. Can't wait to see.

What wonderful news! Congratulations!! Now, if only we could attend a scrapbook or quilting weekend in that beautiful, refurbished house again.

By the way, I too still have some authentic fabric tucked away. :)

I sure like that fabric!!!!

I'm so excited! I've already used your fabrics on a few of my scrapbook layouts! Now I've got the best of both crafting worlds!

Wow - so very exciting! I will be watching for your scrapbooking line for sure, and Noteworthy is also my very very very very favorite!! I already ordered *more* :) I have a feeling I'll be hoarding this one. Congrats on tickets to the game - stay warm :) and GO BRONCOS! I'll be watching for sure!!

Congratulations on the paper stuff, and Noteworthy is lovely. I love all your lines but I love Authentic the best. Any chance you have some around or would release it again?

Congrats on your paper. That's great. I've often thought your designs would be great in paper, too. I am so excited for Noteworthy. Congrats!

What's not to love about Peyton Manning? Oh, and congrats on the collaboration with Bazzil1!

I just ordered some Noteworthy, but I will just have to say Authentic is still my very favorite of all your lines. I still have some I'm hoarding!

Yeah!!! Bazzill, what a super company to distribute your creative, arty scrapbook designs. Can't wait!!! Hope you have a double a celebration in Denver after the Broncos win. :-)

PS Love the heart mug rug pattern from the Label Crew!!

Congrats! Sometimes following that fork is really wrenching; now you guys get a second little chance! BIG Chance! Hooray! By the way, I love your latest Noteworthy, but I also love your very first line, Authentic!

So exciting!

And I LOVE the new line! I just placed an order with Pink Chalk...if they receive yardage soon, I may have to order again!

SO jealous you have tickets to the game! But, we will be warm at home! :) Loving your new line, and I have a stash of Authentic just waiting for the right project to come along for it!

On a "Noteworthy" note, we'll be watching the Broncos here.
Congrats on your endeavors.

congrats on everything!! I can honestly tell you that I love every fabric that you have come up with and have bought in some type of pre-cut every line!! congrats on the bazzill opportunity also!! good things come to those that wait!!

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