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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic fabric!!! I have loved this line since I saw it at Market and have known I wanted to make a "book" quilt with it shortly after seeing it! And today, that quilt is being featured at the Moda Bake Shop :) I so appreciate your constant creativity in creating such amazing fabrics that I then get to play with. Thank you!!!

I LOVE this fabric line. I especially like the Fly a Kit quilt. It really shows off the fabric. PICK ME!

All The Patterns are Gorgeous. Plant a Garden is my favorite though!

I love love love Plant a Garden!

I know it is probably past the giveaway, but Be Happy is SUCH a sweet pattern, with all of your super wonderful have a bit of every one is on my bucket list!

I adore Be Happy.

My favorite pattern is Be Happy - that's the best motto to live by. And, that quilt would make me a very happy person!

Thank you!

Love your fabric designs and patterns!

I like Find True Love and Plant a Garden. Love the fabric!

I love the find true love pattern best, but they are all GREAT!

I have to go with plant a garden too.

I really like Plant a Garden

Be Happy is definitely my favorite! That quilt is just fun, fun, fun! And the name is certainly a great way to live :-)

"Find True Love" is just gorgeous, as is the Noteworthy line, have been drooling over them both for days!

Oh, I love them all but I think I would have to start with Plant a Garden. Can't wait for the fabric to be launched!

Oh these are fabulous!!!

"Be Happy" is my fave! Loved it as a table runner, and love it as a quilt!

Definitely Plant a Garden!

Plant a Garden, for sure! I love this fabric. I love all of your fabric lines!

I love Plant a Garden! So sweet!

Even though I'm only seeing one block and the digital version, I'd pick Plant a Garden because I am so a garden person.

I think I can play dark with that kind of fabric.

I think my favorite is "Find True Love"! And I LOVE how the fabric colors look together! LOVE THIS!

I love them all, but my favorite is "Plant a Garden".

I love 'Find True Love'...and Fly a Kite - both completely different and desirable....

Incredibly difficult to decide which is my favorite one but I think if I have to choose in order to win the patterns it would be the "not even close to being finished one"..."Plant a Garden." Have a great time in Houston!

Fly a Kite...

I love the look of "Find True Love" but I'm afraid of circles. I think "Fly a Kite" is cute and better fits my quilting ability.

Love the table runner!!

I love ALL of them, but if you MAKE me pick just one, it would be "Find True Love". What FUN! And the fabric is gorgeous.

Love, love, love "Find True Love". Beautiful quilt. Hope Houston was fun!

Plant A Garden and Find True Love. It looks a little bit tricky to make them, though..

Fly a Kite makes me really happy. Mary Poppins is my favorite movie and I instantly started singing the kite flying song from the end of the move. <3

My Favorite is Find True Love, but they are all awesome. Have fun at market.

Be Happy is my favorite. What a great new fabric line!

I love Find Ture Love~ I think all are beautiful! Have a great time at market!

I absolutely adore the circles in "Find True Love"!!

"Find true love", I believe, but they're all great!

Once again it is a toss up for my favorite. They all look so fun. I will go with Find True Love for the moment. Have a great time at market. Janita

Love "Plant a Garden" ! Love them all!

It's a tough choice, I really loved them all, "Be Happy" is probably my fav! Love all that you do!

My fave is Plant A Garden. So spring-like!

Find True Love is my favorite, but actually all of the quilts are amazing!! Such inspiration...

Love the plant a garden. Have fun at market.

I love the fly a kite! I saw it at the Houston quilt market and it's beautiful

Find True Love! That's my favorite! ;p

Oh, thank you so much for a chance to win! I love them all, but plant a garden is my favorite!
Have fun at market!

Like them all but, I think my favorite right now would be Fly a Kite! Have a lot of major busy-ness going on in my life and would love to just go fly a kite.{or make a quilt} Enjoy market!

Plant a GARDEN!!! So cute, love it, love it, love it. This line is absolutely adorable!!!!

They are all great - nice variety - but my favorite is Fly a Kite.
Love the colors! Have fun in Houston!

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