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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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The link to the blog hop project doesn't work. Can it be fixed? I was on the pattern yesterday but didn't print it out. It's so cute and I'd love to make it! Thanks

My parents' farm where the view of the sunset is wonderful!

Your fabrics are such fun. The color palette is so easy to live with. That is the first time I have ever seen a growing tumbleweed.

I really enjoyed visiting your home town, thanks for sharing. Your table runner is cute too. I live all the away down under in Melbourne Australia. Thanks again for your time and generosity. :)

my favourite spot in my town is my local quilt shop!!

My favorite spot in Rusagonis, New Brunswick Canada is my wrap around porch. great for a cool morning with a cup of coffee

I think my favourite spot in my hometown would have to be in my own beautiful garden, with my cat, my two ducks, a cup of tea... I live in Armidale, NSW, Australia

I was raised in Wilkesboro, NC. I like to go to the lake, W Kerr Scott.

My favorite spot in my town is library, but to tell you the truth that has been my favorite spot every where I have live :).

I love our little town, I was born and raised here. My favorite spot is in my backyard. We have a big yard and there is nothing better than taking my coffee out there in the morning and enjoying all the flowers.
Thanks for the giveaway,

My favorite spot is out on the lake just around sunset when the water turns silky smooth and reflects all the colors of the sky. So peaceful, so beautiful!

In my town (Stansbury Park, Utah) there is a 185 acre manmade lake fed by fresh spring water. It's a beautiful place!

My favorite spot in my hometown is cherry or peach picking in one of the orchards, we have many! Thanks for the giveaway :)

My hometown is Henderson Nevada and my favorite place there is the top of one of the local hillsides looking down at the Las Vegas valley.

I love the lake in our home town of Hamilton New Zealand. It's a good half hour walk right around, with a couple of playgrounds on the way, perfect for an outing with my three year old.

When I look at my fabric stash most of it has Sweetwater written on it. I have to say you are my favorite. My favorite place in my home town is a walk along the Jrdan river in Taylorsville Utah.

My fav spot in my hometown - Inniswood Botanical Garden - it's fantastic and I don't have to weed it! Love your fabric and patterns. Have a bunch of them.

Is it weird if I say Target :)

What does this say about me? I know Glen Miller but not the other guy...

My favorite spot in my hometown is a little coffee and crepe place in the downtown area. We love to go there for brunch and endless cups of joe!

My favorite place in my town is sitting at the beach watching the ferries cross the water.

Minha cidade natal é linda e o lugar que eu mais gosto e estar sôbre a ponte de ferro que une-a a sua irmã...Morei em MafraSC-Rio Negro PR no Brasil. beijos liége

I enjoy traveling the back roads of our county looking at all of the cotton fields. Thank you for your tour and for the giveaway.

Sitting on the shore of Lake Erie and appliquing on some beautiful fabric.Have an old renovated train depot which houses a quaint coffee and sandwich shop on the ridge over looking the lake. Perfect combo for a beautiful day of handwork and chatting with fellow quilter's. I love the color red in your "mama say's sew"

Love Glen Miller and his music and think the tumbleweed story is cute. But, please, you keep no, I insist! -smile-
I live on a farm in the Appalachian Mountains of southwest VA but when I go to town, I love our little library.

My favourite spot is the long sandy beach about half a mile from my house in tropical North Queensland, Australia.

I love our bakery and their chocolate covered twist donuts!

My favorite spot in my town would be right here on my hillside overlooking beautiful farmland.

My favorite place this weekend is the apple orchard we go to every fall and pick apples and have the best hot cider and homemade doughnuts!

my favorite spot is in Mill Creek Park...Lanterman's Mill where there is a gorgoeus waterfall...

My favorite thing is Stony Creek Metro Park, which is a great place to walk.

My favorite spot is up in the mountains. Granted, they're more like hills compared to other places, but the view is gorgeous, especially in the fall.

My favorite place in the small village I live in would be my garden. Although it is full of weed as well ;).
Greetings from Germany, Inka

My favorite spot is the library!

My fav spot is a little cafe that makes the best coffee and donuts and I go there every Saturday morning just for some ME time!

I really like your fabric lines, the colors and the text! I live in the Phoenix metroplex and one of my favorite places is the Phoenix Zoo. Great place to spend the day "away from it all" in the center of it all.

I have to say, my favorite spot in my hometown is my back porch. It is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon.

I love your fabric lines, all of them! I live in Nottingham, England, my favourite spot? My own house!

Fun blog hop! Have enjoyed reading about everyone's home town and seeing the various fabrics and patterns for each blog. Thanks for the enjoyment!

Well, my favorite place in the town that I now call home would be a little coffee shop that we frequent called "Casa Latte".

But my favorite place in my "real" hometown where I grew up.. that would have to be a certain park.. it's pretty and peaceful.

We drove through your part of Colorado last January just ahead of the first snow storm. You aren't kidding about being flat! I currently live in Mooresville , IN and one of my favorite spots is the library. For a small farm community, the library is ultra modern and very progressive....a much needed community center. Thanks for the tour, the give away and all your lovely fabrics! I hope I am your winner!

My favorite spot in my hometown of Vestavia Hills, AL (right outside of Birmingham), is actually my house. It's where my family is, and I love spending time with them :)

My favorite place in my town is the Munsinger Flower Garden. It is so beautiful and 4 blocks long.

I live in Tampa, Florida and my favorite stop is a nature park where there are trails to walk along with a boardwalk along the river. You may even see a gator and many of the birds on your walk. It is beautiful and peaceful. I love your black, white and red prints. They would work will for a project that is in the planning stage. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful fabric.

I can't find a workable link for your project. I would love to have it.

My hometown will always be Dublin, Ireland, even though I don't live there anymore. My absolute favorite place was Howth. It was on the coast, had a wonderful pier to either walk, or just sit there and watch the boats come in. I do miss it.

Thanks for a great giveaway.

My favorite spot in town is our quiltshop, what else could it be?

I do SO want to get my hands on some Mama Said Sew. It first right in with the colour palette of the quilt I want to start.

In my home town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, I mostly love the river and it's banks where there are lots of parks and trials and beautiful sights. I especially like that we live within 4 blocks of said riverbank. Saskatoon - it's a pretty city, though our winters are a bit longer than I would like.

I grew up on a grain farm in Saskatchewan and I have to say that Kocha is a bad word around here!

My favorite spot would be the local skating rink, where I met my hubby at the age of 11, and my mom and dad met there also while my dad worked there. They have recently turned it into an antique store, but given the chance, we would buy and restore!

just love your favorite houses! You would love it here in the little village where I live -- just one gorgeous older home after another!

My favorite spot in my town is our Mexican restaurant.

My favorite place would be taking in the sights
walking around our quiet neighborhoods.

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