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Sunday, September 30, 2012


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I have emailed your blog address to all my Master Gardener friends and eaters of garden fresh produce concerning the "Lonely Pumpkin and Ear of Corn " story.[Some are quilters, too.]

We have had a drought here w/ no sign of recovery in the near future. Our friend's water well is depleted; he is trying to feed his remaining 40 head of cattle. He has sold off the rest of his herd. My DH did not have a garden except for a few tomatoes and peppers even though he has been watering the garden and yard. He tilled up the garden except for the pepper plants which have sorta come back to life in 80 degree temps. But of course, the weather people are predicting freezing temps in Northern Oklahoma this weekend. We will cover them w/ tarps and hope for the best. :-)

I am sooo sorry but I laughed sooo hard reading your story!! But really- that is a Bummer to lose everything, except the pumpkin of course and the little ear of corn your son got to enjoy- he probably did think a raccoon would come back for it!:) You sound like a great wife (to allow your husband to do this) and a great Mom!!:) I sure hope you have better luck next year!

PS- The soap is supposed to keep deer out too. I don't know about raccoons though.

We kept the bunnies out of our garden by putting boxes of Irish Spring soap around the outside edge of the garden. Any soap works-you're just supposed to use the strongest smelling one you can find. I could smell the Irish Spring before I got near the shelves so bought that one. In my smaller planter boxes we only needed one box of soap.

My son lives in a city in a 3rd floor apartment with a large deck (no stairs going up to the deck - only accessible from the apartment). He tried his hand at container gardening last year and an old racoon managed to get up to the deck and eat everything. This year squirrels harvest his entire crop as quick and it grew! Next year (yup, he's going to try again-it's that old Yankee attitude) he's planning on getting wolf urine to spray on the porch. I'll be curious to see what happens!

You gotta love gardening in Colorado! We are just now getting tomatoes, and raspberries and pumpkins are the big winners here in Parker this year. We have both in record numbers.

Bunnies were thick this year. This was the first time they had ever eaten anything in my garden and they kept the lettuce chewed down! We have a hard time with corn at our house as the coons and the coyotes both love it. The coyotes howl when it is supper time, they howl when there bellies are full then they howl when it is dessert time. Thank goodness, they haven't found my son's corn field, thus we get all the corn we want!

So sad (but funny too, the way you told it!) about your garden. I'm not too good of a gardner, and this year something took over the tomatoes and all the leaves are yellow now, except the heirloom tomato! And our pumpkin came up volunteer from the one that rotted and got thrown out last year :-P
Better luck next year: we can always hope, can't we!!

Wow! And I thought I had problems with deer! That must have been heartbreaking.

Funny story! I live in the Colorado mtns. and I have deer! I have a similar story, they ate everything, except ONE cabbage. I harvested my one lonely cabbage last week.

Oh no, such a bummer. I grew up on a farm and we always had an electric fence around our garden.

A pretty pumpkin. One is better than none.
Thanks for the amusing update!

ROFL! Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but that totally perked up my Monday :oD

We are going to garden next year in our new house. Haven't done that for many years. Hope we have better luck. At least you have well-fed, happy bunnies! Congrats on the pumpkin, must be a real tuffy.

Hilarious garden story --- and we CAN relate!! While we've gotten the bunny population under control, the momma deer introduced their babies to our garden this can you get mad at a fawn?

Ha ha your pumpkin story is so funny! Dang those varmints!

So will we see a rabbit & raccoon proof enclosure in the foreseeable future? Bravo to that one pumpkin!

Well done for getting the seeds in the ground in the first place. And it's a lovely pumpkin! x

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