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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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Would LOVE to win the Mama Said Sew scraps. If it is red, it is my favorite. What an awesome line.

I loved this post! I grew up showing calves and hogs in 4-H. Occasionally I won, just like you! What a growing stretching experience for all of your kids, even Cash. Good for you, keeping up the spirit of production agriculture.

Diane, on a working farm in south central Nebraska

Loved reading about your fair and livestock showing...our county fair just ended on Sunday and two of our daughters are now at the state fair this week. Our oldest is a 4H state ambassador and has to 'work' at the state fair before leaving for college and our middle daughter is making her first 4H livestock encampment trip to the state fair to show her runner ducks!

You are right....these kids don't mind doing chores, getting up early, giving up tv, etc...makes me proud. Our oldest has never wanted to show beef or chickens like her we were completely surprised when she was helping her sister wash her cows the other day and she actually got out in the show ring with a baby calf! After 18 years of growing up with animals, she finally did it...and I think she realized that she was missing out on some of the fun that her brother and sisters have had through 4H and at the county fair ever year.

Thanks for such a great blog...and wonderful fabric that you create!


Wow the kids are all growing up. So much goodness at the fair! SOAK IT UP! The kids are adorable in their showing outfits. Janita

I'm so happy for you and Cash!! I'm still smiling from reading your write up and seeing his sweet smiling face, especially as he looks up at his aunt: precious beyond words!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment with us: I think all of us mom's want our kids to love what we love, and more often they don't, so this pulled at my heart to know that another mom feels the same things as me!! Bless you!!!

I loved your story. Congrats to the ribbon winners, their animals are gorgeous; all their hard work paid off. Cash is darling!

Enjoy your blog. I never did thoroughly enjoy the fair bit, but always enjoy a stroll through the fair barns. That's one cute little fella you have!

My friend and I always say "They weren't in our 4-H club" when discussing others with questionable work ethic. It's great to see there are still kids out there being raised this way. Congrats to the kids. Hard work does pay off!

I completely get how u feel about fair! I never showed but all 4 of my kids did, hogs and a nasty goat one year! My son also had grand chmp hog. There all grown now, and they all look back with fun memories of those days and a strong appreciation for all the hard work farmers go thru. My love has continuedso much that I work there about half the year planning and running new exhibits an contests! Can't wait for mama said sew to come out, I'll need to work it into the quilts or 4h exhibits.

Very cute!

Loved reading this post! Can't wait to see y'all at the Ranch. I had already checked out the vendor list on the website and jumped up and down with glee when I saw Sweetwater on the list.

We are a lifetime 4-H family and now that the kids are grown, I sure do miss those days! Congratulations to the whole crew! Lots of hard work and priceless memories! I am so glad that you shared and wrote down your story of Cash. When he's older, and begging to raise critters for the fair, this will be one of those priceless stories. Cheering him on!

I LOVE this post!! Your niece and nephew are inspiring and it warms my heart to see their photos with their family and animals. How kind of your sister to encourage Cash like she did. That bottom photo totally cracks me up with the goat looking on in such a stoic way - not caring a bit about the marvelous feat just accomplished!

Great story about the fair and the pictures were wonderful of the kids! Thanks for sharing!
And.. I just moved to Colorado and am so bummed I missed the fair!

What a fun week for you. I absolutely loved the story about Cash. Thanks so much for sharing. I was in 4-H and at the fair every summer. But we lived in town and no animals for the fair for me. Oh, how I dreamed of wearing bluejeans, boots and a calf at my side. Somethings... are always just meant to be a dream.

Too cute . . . just way too cute . . .

We were Olympic junkies also; glad the USA faired wonderfully well. Loved your story and could totally relate to Cash's feelings. Life is all about taking little steps and experiencing the really great feelings of success at the end. You're wise to be patient with the little guy.

Love that story -- all of it. Just awesome. Love seeing pictures of the kids each year too. So cute and such beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had a sister. :-(

I grew up showing horses in 4-H.....No one had to coax me....My two sonss wanted nothing much to do with horses....Always wondered what a horse crazy daughter would have been like. Thanks for sharing your story of Your children showing your animals at the fair. I wouldn't give up on your youngest, just yet.


I love the name: Candy Bar! That one will be remembered for a long time. ;p

We are fair folks too. However we stick to the dairy barn. My husband and I both used to show (my in NC him in OR...yeah it's a crazy love story). Our little man is only 3, but he seems to like the idea. You don't want to show open class? ;-) It's certainly not nearly the same. Maybe some farm/fair themed fabric for all of us fair junkies?

Cash is a doll (I raised two boys who are now in their 30's, sniff.) !!

I love going to the fair and seeing the kids with their animals. It is so much fun to see kids snuggled up in the barn with their cows and ponies like they are my cat, just a little bigger. I had a goat when I was a kid, his name was Trouble. He earned that name to say the least! I would have loved to work with him however, his name was Trouble! He finally went to live with a friend of the family on a real farm. He had a good life there. Maybe we should have changed his name to Lucky.

Having just sent my oldest off to college 1200 miles away, I'm a bit sentimental today, but encouraging kids to step out of their comfort zone, even picking them up and getting them to the zone, is such an important aspect of growing up. I saw plenty of kids whose parents (and knowing aunts) didn't "pick them up" so to speak and they grew up hesitant to try new things, take on challenges, and tackle seemingly difficult tasks. Congrats to you and your son for the wonderful nurturing job you are doing with him and your other kids. It's the hardest job, but there is nothing better!

Congrats to your wee ones!! So exciting and they look great with their animals!!

Oh my stars! That is just about the cutest thing ever!! I absolutely love that first picture of your son. His face is priceless! Thank goodness for aunts/sisters who come along and save us!!

Absolutely adorable! He may have caught the show bug since he's asking for more - I think we'll see him next year in the ring :) Your pics are amazing, what kind of camera (asking because I'm in the market for one). Thanks, Mary

I totally love the picture of Cash not being impressed. It's priceless!!! Glad he finally felt comfortable with showing an animal. Looks like he had a great time & I'm glad it made your heart happy!

oh so sweet. awesome to have siblings who know your heart. love this story, and so glad Cash was able to experience a show. and congrats to Bryce and Jordan= hard work pays off. good job. and I love the Olympics too. was glued to the tv for 2 weeks. even on holidays we all watched it. have a great week.

... and so is your son :)

you're adorable!

I love the story and so proud of the ribbons. What a great up bringing.

Ok, so that was the cutest story...better than the Olympics, which is really sad that they are over, but your little was a shining star, a gold medalist!

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