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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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Oh my word....these fabrics are to die for, love them all :) my bucket list is very long, but I think the top one or two, meaning the ones that would be the longest/hardest to do is a hexagon quilt and a tumbling block quilt, both of them paper pieced and completely made by day I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and make a start LOL

Awesome prints! I'm glad you did not ask for bucket list ideas, we would not want to loose you! I have a bucket list and it is very full. Going to get started on that today!

Love! Love the colors!

Awesome! The fabric reminds me of drawing on my PeeChee's in high school. The good old days!

I love this fabric ...I guess this will be another quilt for me to do!
My bucket wish list includes: move to the beach, go to new zealand, take cooking classes in Italy ( or just stay with someones nonna and learn from her ;0) )!

I just finished my first baby quilt. And im ready to move onto my next project. My bucket would include figuring out who will get my next quilt and deciding what pattern and fabric to use. This line would be amazing to use on it. I love all the doodles!!!!

oh how fun are these prints! love it. on my bucket list: Going to see Mount Rushmore!

LOVE this fabric line. Something on my bucket list is to live by the ocean.

I love this! Flowers and birds, so happy. I'd love this come January in the cold, dark north. Which leads to me to one of the bucket list which is to go somewhere warm in the winter - Hawaii!

I have been holding off purchasing new fabric because of all of my unfinished projects. For example, the quilt I've been dying to make with Pure since it came out. I just finished my Make Life table runner and love it- I love all of your designs! I'm "sew" excited for this!

I love this line, absolutely my favorite! My bucket list is to start a list. I always have a good list going while I am in the shower, then out of the shower I promptly forget it all. One day I will write it down.

Another great fabric line! So much fun . . . brought me back to my doodling days. Thanks for keeping these great collections coming!

Beautiful fabric and sew nostalgic! Love the doodles and remembering the doodles in our telephone book too. My bucket list is long! My first item on the bucket list is to travel to every state and capitol in the US.

K in Minne snow ta

I love, love, love Noteworthy! The colors and the patterns are just great. My bucket list includes learning to quilt, sew and things attached to it. Your adorable fabrics help to inspire me. I have order many things from your Etsy shot and LOVE it. Cannot wait to order these.

This is absolutely adorable. You ladies are just brilliant when it comes to fabric design. Can we say that my bucket list includes getting my hands on some of this fabric?

fantastic fabric! bucket list includes: craft room in a new house, learning to paint, and travel!

Love! Love! Love! It reminds me of my Smashbook! I'm a doodler and doodle on anything and everything I can get my hands on (my daughter and I fight over the church program, hehe!). One of the things on my bucket list was to learn to sew. I'm excited to say I've been learning the last three years and love it!
Freedom K

OMG! I love Noeworthy. I would like to go to NYC as one of the things on my bucket list.


I have a bucket list in my head that keeps on growing...but to name a few--quit work and sew full time, see the world, and watch and Olympic event (none really related, but there you have it). I love your bucket list adorable.

Love this line! So cute! One thing on my bucket list is to go to Italy.

My bucket list is to get some of this fabric! Love it! Now to decide what to make with it!

Love the happy fabrics! Most of my bucket list is filled with places I want to visit. Austrailia, southern plantations, Alaska...the list goes on and on.....

I need to start a bucket list so that I will do some things that I want to before too much time has passed. I know making lots of quilts is on the list! I'm working on Mama's Garden right now and it should be ready to go to the quilter's next week. I wasn't patient enough for the Mama Said Sew yardage but this quilt whips up so fast I'll be doing a second one!

A giveaway, how sweet of you.

This line is beautiful! On my bucket list is a trip to NYC -which I get to do in January!

oh my, what project wouldn't look fantastic in this line. I love it!

I adore those little dots and the birds too! On my bucket list are many many quilt designs clogging my head...wish I could get them out faster!!

Love this collection because I never doodled much! I missed out on that. On my bucket list is to go to Germany and find unique German printed fabric and see some of it worn on local farm girls.


On my bucket list-
LIve in Manhattan for a month (in the spring) with my husband after the kids leave the nest. We would have so much fun!

Super cute! It looks like it was probably a blast to design!

Cute fabric! I'd love to someday host a quilting/sewing retreat. That sounds like a neat bucket list item :) Thanks for the chance to win some fabric!

You guys hit it out of the park...before the explanation came out I went to my quilt shop and told everybody that the new line was a bucket list line. I hope we get the whole line. I am kind of a sweetwater junkie. Bucket List Item: Go to a baseball game in every professional park in the country. I have been to several but need to knock a bunch more off. DOODLE AWAY!!!

Every time you release a new line I think: "Oh this is my favorite!" This time I think you really nailed it! Love Love Love it!

My favorite is the bucket list fabric and the complete line is a winner! I would like to finish my UFO's and maybe take a cruise to Hawaii. Thanks for the giveaway!

Oh my gosh....LOVE the collection! I keep thinking that every collection is my favorite and then you come along with a new one and then that's my newest fav! :o)


I love your new collection! What a great concept and the color palette is gorgeous.

LOVE this new line! It is soooo me! I also. Am a doodler, all notebooks in this house are covered somewhere. Just started to think about a bucket list last October when I turned 30 and this first thing on it was to finish a 1/2 marathon which I did in May! Once again, excellent job! Your fabrics have become my go-tos as favorites. I think i have made a quilt out of each line except sun kissed because I didn't have a girl at the time, might need to find some for her though :)

I love this fabric. It hits home with me as I work at a school. One of our major projects schoolwide last year was all about filling buckets rather than being a bucket dipper. I know this is different from the bucket list you're talking about. On my bucket list is to try flying. I have never flown anywhere.

I don't have a long bucket list, but one thing I very much want to do is travel in England. Thanks for the chance!

Beautiful collection! Love the doodles and they remind me so much of what my folders were covered with in high school. One thing on my bucket list is to travel through Italy. Thanks for the chance to win!

What a sweet fabric line! I particularly love the swirls & the paisley.

Noteworthy...I love it! Beautiful colours, beautiful designs. I remember doodling on the phone book too!!

I would love to win. Thank you for the giveaway.

Great prints! I have walking in Ireland on my bucket list -- probably from pub to pub.

Lovely new fabric - I love that white! My husband and I complete one bucket list item last month and road the USS Badger car ferry from Ludington MI to Manitowec WI! it was a blast. thank you!

AWESOME fabric. You must get a great sense of achievement and deservedly so. Bucket list.......Canal boat trip in the south of France.

I love how most of your fabric lines have red. Red is my fave. Your fabrics are always fantastic and this one doesn't disappoint.
Bucket list: Paris. Paris is always a good idea.

Something on my bucket list is definitely taking my son to Disneyland!! I think we are going to go when he is 5...he is 3 now and I think that's just a little too young!!! Congrats on another fabulous fabric line!!

Ohhhh you are so clever - I just love love love this fabric. On my bucket list is to visit the quilt show at Paducah, swim with dolphins and be good at free motion quilting. Thanks for the chance to win

What a gorgeous line of fabric. I can't wait to get my hands on some though it will probably be a while until it is in the UK.
Explaining what a phone book is must be right up there with explaining the cassette tape lol :-)

Love the collection!! On my bucket list is to have time to really do some quilting!!

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