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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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I love the new collection, and I think it's a toss up between the paisleys and the birds as my favorites! I don't have a bucket list...

PLEASE as I've gotten ALL others I really need this collection TOOOOOOOOOOOO! CAN"T wait maybe could Santa bring it???

LOVE the new fabric line - On my bucket list is to go to France to see the Tour de France.....someday!

I love the birds, the white paisley and the doodles. Love it!

I have absolutely little 1/481 so far, chance of winning this one! But what the heck - will give it a try! LOVE LOVE LOVE the line! And I dont think I'll be satisfied with an FQ Bundle... LOL... I love the bucket list print! And I love ALL the colors!

My bucket list is short: To have time to make a bucket list. Love the print...especially the scribbles.

I love these fabrics. Think they might be your best yet.

On my bucket list is the IQF show in Houston.

Oh,another must have the entire line fabric!! Just love it as always!! It is really orginal! Bucket list would be to design a working sewing room tht actually holds everything like I see in pictures!! You ladies are just the bet!!

Wow! What a great line. My bucket list includes New Zealand, Norway, and seeing both of my children off to college (several years down the road).

Oh, I love Noteworthy! I would LOVE to see it in person! Thank you for the opportunity to win....

For my bucket list.... I would love to plant a garden - every year I say I'm going to do it, but I never do!


One thing on my bucket list is to trace my great grandfathers steps through the civil war. I was to do this with my Mom but she died before we were able to.So my sister and I will.

doodler's delight!!!! love love love it from a master of doodles... bucket list is to run a b&b with sewing and art classes

My bucket list is renting a beach house and having our children and grandchildren spend a week of memory making together!

How do you do it? Every time it's a "must have the entire line in yardage" kind of experience. Love it! My bucket list includes time to sew whatever, whenever. :) one day.

My bucket list is to backpack through europe!

My bucket list has to set up a summer grammy camp with lots LOTS of wonderful new experiences with my grandchildren away from parents and their home :) it's gonna happen

OMG! I am so in love!

SWOONING the new line!

My bucket list is simple: buy ice cream from an ice cream truck and go to a Lenten fish fry. Nobody can believe I'm 35 and have never done either! :) I also want to own a four-wheeler and have a great place to ride it when I'm not sewing! :) Thanks for another great line of fabric!

My bucket list is long, but impacting a kiddos life with something crafty or teaching a kiddo something crafty (like sewing!) would be near the top.

- the fabric is amazing! I hope to get it in our shop!

Believe it or not, my bucket list includes "Design a line of fabric" but I might settle for just accumulating some of yours!

What a great idea for a fabric line can't wait to read all the ideas on there. I have done a few of them already. Hope to win this! Just added to my Bucket List. HAHA

I want to travel to Machu Picchu

Would love to go to Australia. Linda gerig

I would love to go to Hawaii!

Oh my goodness you guys have done it again. Yet another line that I am swooning over. I LOVE it. Love the design and all the colors. Great job!!!

Oh this collection is going to be so fun to play with! I really love the birds on telephone wires. My bucket list is pretty simple, but one thing would be to have a real room/small building for my "studio" where I can weave, quilt, embroider and make jewelry to my hearts content...without having to pick it up for dinner every day! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts-

Love this collection...the margins of my notes were always filled with doodles when I was in school! On my bucket list is to travel the country in an RV, towing a motorcycle!

So awesome! I really love this collection. I think I just might have to get at least a yard of each! Hurry up January!!!! This collection would make so many wonderful items! The book covers are a great idea! On my bucket list - save enough money so that my husband can go hike the Appalachian Trail from start to finish with out stopping.

Another gorgeous collection - I'd love to travel to Italy, France and England again - maybe eveb with my husband this time!!
What I could make with that collection - a whole new bucket list!

LOVE the fabric- but then I LOVE all of your fabrics!! On my bucket list- to visit British Columbia- love the mountains! Thanks!

LOVE this fabric! On my bucket list is to return to Paris, go to the US, design my own patterns, make a quilt entirely by hand...

Oh the bucket list, so long, I want to travel to Greece and other parts of Europe.
Thanks for a chance to win some of this wonderful fabric line.

I loved the story about the phone book—it made me laugh out loud. (I can't believe they still print them—what an incredible waste of paper.) I don't have much on my bucket list I guess, but one thing is to win something really cool (seriously—I've actually NEVER won anything before. Ever. How sad is THAT). I was thinking the lottery when it's 80 bazillion dollars, but ANY fabric from Sweetwater would be very cool too since I am completely addicted to ALL your fabric. :)

Thank you for the giveaway! This looks like a great collection again! I need to live to be 100 to make all the quilts and projects I want to make... so I guess getting to some of the quilts I want to make is on my bucket list!

I love the Noteworthy line. My bucket list includes travel across Italy by train.

The birds on the line are fabulous and i love the lists.
My bucket list is endless ,but I try to check some off and add a few things too. I need to travel more to countries out side the United States and experience other cultures.

Oh my! Love Noteworthy and the paisley-looking fabric! One thing on my bucket list is to travel to Europe - not picky on the country as I haven't been to any of them!

This collection is so FUN! Thanks for the chance to win a advance sample:) I have a long, varied bucket list: visit the Smithsonian museum, go to an Olympic event, see the Swiss Alps, etc. Thanks again!

The new line is awesomely noteworthy!!!!!!! Such a creative line with yummy colors. Always love you "stuff".

Love all the doodle designs, they make great fabric!

Love these! The biggest thing on my bucket list is to retire to the beach.

Beautiful! I still doodle and flowers are my go-to.

My bucket list includes winning some fabric on the wonderful blog giveaways. Really like the new line. It is... Noteworthy. ;D

I am SO loving this collection!!! I've marked my calendar for January to see if it's available. Gotta have some.

My bucket list includes a hot air balloon ride.

Thanks for the giveaway.

I'm loving this collection! I loved to doodle while talking on the phone and in class. Can't wait till it comes out. :)

I love this fabric! What's on my bucket list is to learn to quilt!

I absolutely love this collection. Tops on my list is to shop (and buy something) at the Paris flea markets.

I think this is my favoriite, next to Spring Fling. On my bucket list is to see more of our national parks.

Love the new collection - the birds are my favorite. Hopefully my January I will be settled into my new house and ready to quilt :)

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