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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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As usual, well done!!!!! Tell us about the next NEW line? Love what you do, SEW WELL!

All of us girlfriends remember the doodles, diaries, year books, etc! Thanks for the fond memories AND a lovely collection!!!!

When they feel as though they have had a hand in choosing, you can be sure that they will be more accepting of the style

I love this new line! On my bucket list is to travel all over Europe!

Wow! I love so many of these fabric patterns it would be hard to choose a favorite. On my bucket list is a trip to Italy. I just purchased cd's to learn Italian. Maybe in a couple of years.....

I have a sewing machine in my bucket list, and to perfect this technique of Carries.. I want to buy this bundle too.

Love the range. Going to Alaska is on my bucket list!

This is a beautiful fabric line! I'm about to make a custom order quilt using some of the pre-cuts but I cannot find any info online for any solids that coordinate. Do you have any hints?

Oh...I LOVE this fabric. I MUST have it! I WILL have it!
My bucket list...well...I was able to cross off one huge one this past 35year old dream trip to Australia! I had the time of my life, beyond words actually but I am trying to put it into words and photo's and this fabric will be awsome for the cover of my album! Oh ya baby!

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LOVE this line! Those birds are just so gorgeous! No bucket list here I'm afraid - I'm terrible at that sort of thing, I don't even do new year's resolutions!

Omg, might be my favorite of yours yet! Can't wait for it to come out, at least I have a little time to decide what I will use it for first!

i love that bird fabric. awesome collection!

Love, love, love the birds! I'm so glad I found Sweetwater. I've grinned and done more oooing and ahhhing ever since! Thank you, Mams!

Bucket list includes "learning to strum a banjo".

Love the new line! I want a few yards of the bucket list print right now :) My ex and I wrote out bucket lists and I would choose somethin on it for hisbirthday. It was so much fun for me too! I can't wait for this fabric to come out :-)

To redecorate my bedroom. Love the new line!

I want to travel overseas with my husband. Fiirst stop - Italy!

It's lovely and fun. As for my bucket list, a journey to Australia is definitely very high on it.

Love, love the new fabric line!!!

One thing on my bucket list is to be able to run a 5K....hopefully sometime in the near future!


As always soooo beautiful. Sigh! I would buy all your fabric if only I could! Love every single one of them! Sigh again!

Oh My Goodness, I LOVE this fabric collection. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. So many things to sew it into. You create the most awesome fabric collections, can't get enough of them. One thing on my bucket list is to skydive. Not sure it will ever happen but you never know.

That Noteworthy fabric is just gorgeous. Well done!

Love, love love it!!! One thing on my bucket list is to live in a cottage on the beach!!!! :)

Goodness, reminds me of my school books, though I was partial to triangles joined to triangles....bucket list.....stand on the ice inner b.c/alaska idea why at all, seems cool. And go to Iceland.

Just turned 50 and received a sewing machine for my birthday! I love, love, love this fabric! I hope I am chosen as the winner because sewing is at the top of my bucket list! I have had the "creative itch" to sew for a few years and just started taking classes. These fabrics inspire me and represent what I want to do with the next act of my life!

I love all !!!

I absolutely love this collection! It seems as if everyone you do is my favorite of the moment. My bucket list is full of unfinished quilts, lol.

Love the colors! I don't believe in a bucket list, it should be a book it list instead. Life is for living, not sitting on your bum and crossing your fingers.

Oh my goodness!!! I have never seen a collection where I liked EVERYTHING in it, until now! I have been wanting to surprise my niece with a homemade quilt as she enters her teens...this is the PERFECT fabric for that! Not to mention for the chair cushions at my daughters desks... so many ideas swirling around! Do I really have to wait until 2013?! As for on my bucket visit Hawaii.

Love the birds especially in the fabric collection. I would love to travel the world.

Love everything about the new collection!!! One of my bucket list items is to sail to the islands of the South Pacific with my day...we will get there!

What an awesome collection!! Love the colours.
Bucket List - trip to Paris with my girlfriend - hope I make it happen.

I cannot say just how much I love this collection! As soon as I saw the first photo I suspected it was going to be a 'must have' for me, every photo after just confirmed that more and more!
As for my bucket list, my main things are a quilt for my little boy and one for me :) Along with lots of other things, a dress, some shorts, cushions, handbags etc etc etc!

The Houston quilt show is on my bucket list. Love the new fabric line!!!

This is soooo cute. LOVE LOVE LOVE....My bucket list keeps changing as I am making some headway on all my quilt projects. Thanks

OOO!!! This is soooo cute!! Beautiful as always! I recently ticked an item off my bucket list - I visited Buckingham Palace! It was wonderful - highly recommended. Another item on my bucket list, is to learn to speak French. Hopefully I'll be able to tick that off the list soon. :-)

I LOVE this collection! My bucket list includes a long vacation to explore Vancouver Island.

Great fabric. I doodled hearts in school on all my books. I would love to go back to Italy where I spent some time as a child.

OMG!! It's all fabulous! I really don't know how you do it every time. My bucket list is pretty long, but I'd like to go back to Macchu Picchu or Italy. Both have so much history, but both in a very different way.

Those doodle fabrics are great but my favorite will be the birds. I don't really have a bucket list but if I were to pick one thing I really want to do it would be to go to Paris.

I can hardly keep up with you guys! This is just so cute and lively.

On my bucket list now would be to find the right guy and get married again. Cross your ring fingers for me.

You "girls" knock my socks off everytime you come out with a new line. Gift card will definitely be on my Christmas list so I can buy bunches of this fabric. Not only love the colors but the designs are great. Bucket list..uhhh...don't really have one, kind of a home body.

I LUV LUV LUV this collection. Some of the designs that you doodle are the same that cover the phone books that my Grandma still has around! She is a constant phone talker and always has a pencil in had and some sort of scratch paper where she draws everything from circles to houses and flowers to barns (yes barns, she's a farmer and draws what she sees). Anyway I have so much on my "life bucket list" that I've had to split it up into smaller "leap lists" (ie things I want to do before my next big "leap" in life). Right now one of my biggies is to actually finish reading my book club book BEFORE the book club night (lol). Love the collection and can't wait for January!

I always find myself a such a big fan of all of your lines, but this one is just WONDERFUL! I can't wait to make something fun with this. I'm thinking the little birds are my fave! :) My bucket list includes starting a shop and selling quilts on etsy... Fingers crossed!

Another fabulous fabric line!!!!

Visiting Mount Rushmore is on my bucket list....

Thanks for offering the great giveaway! :)

I love, love, LOVE this line! And it's ironic because my daughter just started college and I was thinking I should make her some book/notebook cover to make her feel closer to home. And this line would be so perfect for just that! Thanks for the chance to win, your kindness is greatly appreciated :)

My bucket list just keeps getting bigger (designing quilt patterns and fabric) so I should probably get busy accomplishing a few of them! I love all your designs. How fun to see each new line!

This fabric is beautiful. I love the doodles and the bucket list. My bucket list includes a fall trip to Maine. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful fabric.

My heart went pit-a-pat when I saw those fabrics, they are gorgeous and although I won't win any I will have to be patient till they come out. Keep designing these fabulous ranges

I am a big fan of your fabric lines and love your new "Noteworthy". My bucket list has a visit to Macchu Picchu on it. A giveaway...Yeah!!

I just LOVE this collection!!! How fun!!! Going to see the redwoods has always been on my bucket list and now that I live in the northwest I'm hoping to get to see them soon :)

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