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Thursday, August 02, 2012


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Giner that is really cool that your niece is in the Olympics. I hope she did well.

Your credit score is an integral part of the loan process because it illustrates the ways in which you handle your other obligations.

I ordered a couple of these cute kits but I'm still waiting for the pattern to arrive with my August label crew. Can you tell me when the label crew will be mailed?

yes, i always pay close attention to the Olympic games especially swimming.

Oh ditto!! I hate when I see something online and a race is ruined for me. I love the Olympics. My kids love cheering for Missy Franklin since we live so close to CO.

We sort of know someone at the Olympics husband coached Dana Vollmar's husband in swimming a LONG time ago.

Love these! I am not a junkie. I only have seen one race, and it was the one Missy won a gold medal in (backstroke). At least I picked a good one to watch!

I'm a junkie tooooooo!

I am loving the Olympics more this year than ever before because my niece is one of the swimmers...breeja Larson , ( the one that dove in early) she'll be racing relay next. Can't wait!!

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