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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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I am not positive I altogether concur with you on this article. Still I am always amenable to innovative ideas. Probably will have to think about this. Useful site by the way.

87 Long Point Drive

You all amaze me! so cute! How do you come up with so many fantastic ideas? Can't wait to get me some of that fabric!!!! (bad grammar intentional!) Can't wait to see them in your boy's room!

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1419 Arlington Way

Sorry. Mesa as!!

8301 east southern avenue
Mesa ax

I love your blog and fabrics. Many thanks!

6002 Baxter Avenue

1077 County Road V 68

4786 Mystic Drive
(I like this one a lot!!)

2611 Nutwood Trace
120 Pineridge Pointe

5030 Canosia Road
14676 Evergreen Trail
5464 Fawn Meadow Court
14927 Ember Court
22 Field Rd
20 Burke Dr
204 1st Ave
17749 Sunflower Road

These are just a few of the 30 addresses I've had.
I love your designs and can't wait to see what happens with all the addresses!

6716 Kevincrest Dr

264 Rancho Santa Fe Rd

1052 Westchester Ct.

111 West Crawford St.

31407 760th Ave

1912 Camino del Prado

Probably too late but 25 West Main and...1640 Gray Lynn Drive

1709 E Anderson St

11221 Highview Drive

25 Vista Way
In Australia!!!

303 Meadow Court

6612 North Tuxedo Lane

1215 highland drive
73 Ernst avenue

useful information and thank you!

2557 E 950 S

No fun name, just E and S


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1916 19 Avenue N.W.

620 Braidwood Pointe
4739 Shadow Pointe
317 Posey Street
420 Barnside Place

3935 Fountain Gate Drive

Thanks for the opportunity! I love, love your fabrics.

21016 Oakville

180 North Morningside

436 Seymour

**New address:

5622 Norma Street

(Old Address)

10804 Dandas Dr. NW

Can't wait to see your new line!!

We're closing on our new home next Fri. so I'll leave both the home we are in now and the new one.

107 Clearview Dr.
103 River Forest PKWY.

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

I have to add another address.... My most favorite place to visit is a beach house I spent many childhood summer vaca's at. Much thank to my late grandmother for always making sure there was a place all of the cousins from all over the east coast always had a place to gather every summer. My Godmother still lives there and sadly I now live on the opposite coast and just don't get there very often. I have so many wonderful memories. In Narragansett RI, 336 Colonel John Gardner Road.
Looking forward to seeing what y'all are going to do with this project.

2524 N Lee
1108 Ave C

2120 W Heather Lane

341 N Church Street

5302 Rimes Ranch Drive

13703 Lame Johnny Creek Lane. Buffalo Gap, SD

3008 W. 48. Street. Westwood, Ks

3333 north 110th street

3538 Coneflower Drive

2811 Wild Rose Way

536 Galaxy Court

13014 dePue Avenue
623 Abington Avenue
207 Rosemary Road
107 121st Street
1247 Southampton Road

719 bluff drive
121 23rd avenue
6150 huasha townsite road

24195 Hogan Ave

903 12th Ave SW

4874 Lytfield Dr.
807 Bishopsgate Lane
80 West 6th Street

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