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Thursday, June 14, 2012


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I'm glad that your mom is finally able to make her dream house. I can't wait to the home when it's finished.

I assume the house is finished. You said that it was supposed to be done last September, right? So, how was it? Have you posted the updated picture of your house already? I can't wait to see how your contractors installed your roof and painted your sidings according to your mom's design. :)

Love these! I am not a junkie. I only have seen one race, and it was the one Missy won a gold medal in (backstroke). At least I picked a good one to watch!

Hi I was told that you had the pattern for a snowman table runner? Could you let me know if you do? I really want to make this. Thanks for answering these questions.

201 Kerr Avenue

I bet you are so excited! Can't wait to see the finished home. Congratulations on making it this far. So many details.

How exciting!!!! I do hope you'll post about the progress often. How can Karla possibly find time for that too???? We are redoing just our kitchen and I can't believe how much time and effort goes into the planning and finding products. If it looks anything like Sweetwater House did, it will truly be amazing.

Oooooo pretty! Can't wait to see how she decorates! We are building as well and are wanting to make it have character as well...and it does require lots of research ;) so excited for her!

Bueno, hoy finalmente se reunió buen artículo, se siente muy afortunado. Contenido cerca de la vida, la cercanía a la naturaleza, déjame ver el ambiente relajado y feliz, tan feliz. El autor del artículo es que la atención debería hacer las cosas, con ganas de algunos artículos mejores.

Your Mom & Dad's house will be so wonderful! I've been a fan since the 80's. Still wishing the bunnies would come back. And, that front porch, I love the deepness. Our wraparound is a tad narrow and limits how the seating works, this one is perfect!

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We are building a house too and it is so fun! I cannot wait to see more pictures!

How exciting for your mom and dad...and of course the whole family. I'm sure she's leaving plenty of wall space to hang some of her gorgeous quilts. That's one of the first things I look at now...wall space for quilts! LOL Best wishes for them.

I want to build a house :)
Question, I purchased a lucy table runner kit. When will those be sent out?

Your mom’s house is definitely going to have a lot of space for them. The last picture is beautiful. The house looks quite the looker, even without the shingles and sidings. It actually looks like a large tropical house, perfect hot seasons, with those big windows. I’m excited to see what it looks when finished! I’m sure your mom feels the same!

A new home going up is always exciting! It will be fun to see your mom's personal stamp on it. You girls are always interesting - your everyday-normal-to-you is interesting. I'd love to see even your shipping "center" - how you box up and organize your orders... Really, it's fun to see anything fabric related!!!

ooohh,ooohh so fun! Keep posting pictures...that is so fun. Eventually fabric and quilts will work their way in so you might as well keep us updated. :)

I hope you'll keep us updated as that looks like it's going to be beautiful! Love that porch! And, knowing how talented and visionary you all are, I'm sure it's going to be stunning!

This is blog worthy to me. Unfortunately every day can't be spent at the machine. ;) Plus it is fun to see what people are up in their lives from time to time. A little bit of family life thrown in with the quilting makes for a good blog imo. The house pictures look great. I am looking forward to seeing the progress.

Jealous also and I too love that return verandah, could imagine sitting out there sewing. Does the house use straw/hay bales for the outside walls??

Oh my, I'm almost jealous! Not because I need a new house (I don't!), but because I do love a good building project! What fun! The first thing I noticed was that awesome front porch that wraps around...that would be my favorite place to spend time! Keep those pictures coming!


How exciting! Looks like a ton of room for her to spoil kids and grandkids in. Can see the porch with beautiful plants hanging and gorgeous container gardening.

LOVE that beautiful porch! ;p

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