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Thursday, June 21, 2012


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I always wanted a really big America flag. If you ever go to some grocery stores they have huge America flags. I want one like that.

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Quello che hai detto fatto un sacco di senso. Ma pensare a questo, cosa succede se si aggiunge un po 'di contenuto? Voglio dire, io non voglio dirvi come gestire il vostro blog, ma se hai aggiunto qualcosa per ottenere magari l'attenzione della gente? Proprio come un video o una foto o due per ottenere. Per esaminare questo livello dei vostri soldi dovere rispettiva garanzia di restituzione, visitare i siti web prezzi a seguito di ricerca di tutto per tutta la ricerca google.

Your flag looks great! I bought the pottery barn flag when we finished our basement and was so it home and the red is VERY pink! Took it back... you will be much happier w/ what you have, too.

Your flag project is great! I love 4th of July, too. I can't wait for the label crew project. Love it!

My family went to Historic Folsom to walk around and I got to peek in a few shops. One of them was FULL of all that Annie Sloan paint. They had a piece of furniture painted in each color with the two different stains. They are beautiful. Thanks for mentioning the product because if I had not seen it here I might not have paid such close attention when I was out and about today. Now I want to go back to get a few more colors.

Ting, jeg er attraktion i din blog, hvad du skriver og stil og gennemprøvede. Tak. Mine bedste ønsker til dig.

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.

I think I may just make one pillow when my labels come... good night on one side, good morning on the other... I may have to order a second set for hubby (or third, fourth, fifth set to make as guest pillows)!

love the tutorial, thanks. cool project too. you gals rock my world. have a great weekend.

terrific projects!
Eager to get my July Label Crew. Those pillowcases are so pretty!


Thanks for the great idea!

Love the distressed flag and thanks for the instructions. Really like the pillowcases a lot with the creative labels.

I just love your labels and ideas!!!

Your flag looks awesome!!
And the July Label Crew - swoon!! Just got my June one yesterday and am itching for July. Love it xxx

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