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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


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Eh bien, un bon contenu. Le contenu peut faire pour attirer les yeux des gens, laisser une personne ont constamment vers le bas voir le désir, et jusqu'à finition voir le contenu, même à nouveau le voir, un contenu, avec un sentiment. Et le thème très distincte, je voudrais, écrivent les auteurs.

I, among many others, LOVE you girls!! Thank you for designing such amazing creations!!

I've been organizing my scrapbook/sewing room and came across some kits I got years ago - when you were heavy into scrapbooking. I found out about you in a shop in Greeley Colorado and have been hooked ever since. (I just happened to be passing through town). I loved your ideas then and moved right into loving all your fabrics. Thanks for all the ideas you come up with!

I love being a Label Crew member. I've ordered some kits ~ always happy with them and the customer service is terrific. If I miss out on a kit ~ well, that's my bad for not jumping quick! We just can't have everything our way, folks.
Be happy! Stitch away! Thank you Sweetwater!

Count me as one of the peeps who loves what you do, is as pleased as punch to get the little labels and the pattern each month and doesn't worry about whether my little project exactly matches yours. It's all Sweetwater so it's all good.

Keep up the great work. :)

I found the coated canvas at Fatquartershop for $20.99 a yard. I hope this helps for those of you trying to find it. :)

Owning a shop and trying to plan for kits...I feel your struggles. Don't worry there is still plenty of fabric out in the world keep designing and bringing out the good stuff! We love it! I thought Hometown was my favorite and then I Reunion. But Lucy's has my heart! Thanks so much for doing a great job, keeping it fresh and fun!

Just wanted to say I really love your products & this blog- thanks for all your hard work. It's so fun to see everything you are doing & I love working with your fabric & the many labels I have ordered.
Thanks again

I am amazed that people get upset. Sorry if you have to read unkind posts. Life is to short to be crabby!!! What you design is so darn cute!!! That is why it keeps selling out. If we all had a crystal ball that would be wonderful. Thanks for all the beautiful fabric and the patterns!!

I love everything that you ladies do. My husband was just making the comment that Sweetwater nickels and dimes him to death. lol Everytime he looks in the checkbook there is another charge from Sweetwater.

Keep up the great works.

I do have a question. Where can you buy the coated fabric for the Lucy's Crab Shack line. I can't find it online anywhere. I really need some.

It always amazes me what people get upset about. You offer labels ... the kits are just gravy. Fortunately for us, your fabric is so great we can get it in other shops. So sad you had to offer an explanation.

I love the Label Crew Club, and really enjoy my pattern and labels each month, that arrive all the way here to Australia! I have bought kits a few times, but I am happy to look for other fabrics and think you do a fabulous job, and it would never occur to me to complain. Thanks for taking the time to explain. Your designs and customer service are just fabulous!

I don't always order the kit to go with the labels, so if I miss out, it just means I need to get the fabric elsewhere-it is not a big deal. I've already decided that I'll be buying yardage of Mama Said Sew, so I'll make my own kit up. You guys already do so much, couldn't be mad at you if I tried!

I would love to know of you guys know of an online source for your coated fabrics. Thanks for coming up with such amazing kits every month!!! Love all that you do!

Thanks for taking the time to respond and explain... boy, there must have been a kerfuffle yesterday! Would it be possible to let us know the requirements for the bag? It takes quite a while for the Label Crew envelope to get to me, and I'm guessing the fabric is going to be hard to find here in Australia :)
Thanks so much for all of your hard work with your business... I've been a fan since Sweetwater Scrapbook days :)

So excited when I walked into my local quilt shop this week, and they had your fabric. They have carried other Moda fabrics, but not yours, so I've mentioned it a couple of times to them. And had the green in the canvas. Yeah. I did have to tell them how excited I was that they finally got some Sweetwater fabric.

We have navy bicycle canvas! Love you guys...
keep up all your hard work. I think it's hard enough figuring out how much of your wonderful fabric to buy, making quilts and kits from it. And I don't design it!! I enjoy everything you have shared with all of us! I'll keep buying and trying to sell it! You are an inspiration to the small shop owner. My sister and I are huge fans. Sending happy thoughts your way, Jane

Here's a question - do you have to use a laminated canvas for the lining or is it okay to use a regular canvas or cotton. . . .

I agree with all the comments above. You guys are great, and the fact that you do any kits at all is great. It's a lot of work. I can go get my fabric elsewhere! It's okay. I'm glad you are so successful. I love your projects, too. Can you just tell me if the laminated canvas we need for the bag is one of your fabrics, or is it any old laminated fabric? I didn't see that at fat quarter shop. Thanks a million!

I love my little labels and pattern I get each month! Even if I can't find the exact fabric, there are so many great fabrics out there that the labels would look great with. Mixing and matching is fun too! And I love to support my local quilt shop or my favorite online fabric stores or etsy shops.

I never get mad about it. I love the lable crew club. I'llfind the fabric.

Thanks for taking the time to help everyone out! I was able to get the pattern and labels from you on Etsy. I'm still hoping to find the laminated fabric, but if not, that's ok!

Thanks for your cute ideas!


I Love the fact that you did pre-orders for the quilts for the Mama Said Sew collection. I think it's beneficial for everyone - we get the kit and fabric in the pattern we want and you order enough fabric for as many people who pre-order.
I LOVE your products and labels and fabric. I have purchased many labels and kits on your etsy page. You are just way too popular! haha!

It's OK! I subscribe to the Label Crew and also missed out on getting one of the kits, but was able to find the fabric from another shop. Love your projects and fabric! You could never disappoint me!

Your stuff is so pretty, I could never be mad!

You are the best and everyone should know that you have the BEST of intentions!

Thanks for the explanation. I luv your stuff and the label kits are a nice surprise in the mailbox each month.

Thanks for the explanation. I was disappointed when I couldn't find the kit available on your etsy shop. I bought the pattern and hopefully can find the fabric at a nearby quilt shop!

You guys are just the best!!! Thanks for taking the time and effort to respond!
Just love, love your projects!!

I realize the constraints that you have to operate under and truly appreciate every thing you do! You are so talented and amazing that you have created a whole lot of Sweetwater addicts who need a monthly fabric fix. Your kits are so easy and fun that a lot of people like them ~ perhaps when you sell out one of the websites could offer kits in the next day or so? Just a thought.

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