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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


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oooh, i'm loving mama's china -- how sweet is that, to be able to make 3 quilts out of one jelly roll, just too dawgone economical! what a bargain!

I LOVE all of them but Mama's Garden is absolutely beautiful!!!

I Like the Needle Case

All are so cute but my favorite would be the sewing kit!

How do I choose which quilt I love the best? Ok, maybe it's the black and white, Mama's Garden, then again I love Mama's Strawberry Pie. All of the quilts are so fresh and inviting.

If I have to pick just one it would be Mama's spools - a new take on an old favorite. I also really like Mama's China - especially the black & white one. Love the polka dot border!

They're all nice, but I love the Mama's stuff sewing organiser.


I love them all, but I really like Mama's Garden!

I love Strawberry Pie.. So nice and crisp and love red fabrics

My fabric has to be Strawberry Pie. I love this line of fabric and the patterns are fabulous.


Mama's Garden! Love the idea of using just two fabrics to make something so beautiful!

Love Mama's Spools! They are all great tho and if bundled together, I'd buy the bundle.

I would pick mama's garden. Such an eye catcher! Wonderful work, as usual!

I Love Grandma's China. And also the rest of the patterns. Would love to make them all.

Mama's garden is my fave! Love two colored quilts and the pattern is just nice.

I think I love all of the patterns because I really, really love the fabric but have to say that Mama's Garden is my favorite!

Mama's Garden because my mother has a garden area that everyone refers to as "Mama's Garden." It's full of lovely, fragrant old-fashioned flowers and flowering plants.

Oh I absolutely love all of them!!! I think mamas china is my favorite though!!!

Love them all - but Mama's China is my fav!

Mama's Garden hands down. This line makes me yearn for those summer afternoon/evenings! Great line to kick off the summer season!

All of them are great! If I have to pick just one I will go with Mama's China. Looks like a fun quilt to make.

Oh my - so hard to pic a favorite - I LOVE Mama's Spools & Mama's Stuff - but I also love all the others as well. You've really hit it out of the part with this line - I wish I could pre-order them ALL!!! Thanks... can't wait!!!

WOW you have really out done yourself!!! They are all wonderful. If I had to pick one I would select Mama's Garden. The fabric and patterns are just beautiful. You really are very talented creative woman!!!

I love Mama's China and the sewing kit. Those look way fun to make.

Love all the patterns but getting 3 quilts out of one jelly roll put Mama's China to the top. Can't wait for August to get some of that yummy fabric!

The Sewing Kit looks like a fun gift idea! My favorite quilt from this group is Mama's (Red) China!

I really love the Spools pattern!

I LOVE Mama's Garden. The contrast of the black and white and the pattern is very pleasing, old fashioned- yet modern.

I have already pre-ordered Mama's China but I really like Mama's Strawberry Pie also!

Mama's Garden! That is the best pattern-fabric combo I have seen in a long time. Beautiful and classic! I have been wanting to make a red/white quilt and now I know what the pattern will be! Thanks for the chance!

Really great patterns! I think my favorite is Mama's Garden.

I really like Mama's Strawberry Pie. I love the reds and whites and have always planned to make a red and white quilt. This pattern would be perfect!

I put all the pattern names in a hat and drew one out....(since I can't make up my mind what is my favorite)and Mama's Spools won. Great Designs!!!!

I love the Mama's Garden: something about the diagonal lines :-)

Love all the new patterns, and it's hard to pick just one. But I'm going with Mama's China. Three quilts out of one jelly roll. Fabulous! Have a great time at Market in KC.

Mama's Spools is my favorite!

I love the Mama's China quilts. I love the monochramatic look. My second favourite is Strawberry Pie. I have my fingers crossed!

Mama's China ,but I love them all. Just knockouts,each one. What a fun fabric line!
Each one is so fresha nd unique.

I LOVE the new patterns!!! I think Mama's Strawberry Pie is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great time at Market.

strawberry pie is my favourite!

Mama's Garden made me give a little gasp. It's my favourite. :)

Love them all, but my favorite has to be Mama's China.....three hugs for the price of one! Mama's Garden comes a close to love all those kisses! Just think - if you combined both patterns, you'd get Lots of Hugs and Kisses!!!

These are absolutely beautiful and I love them all. I love the spools because of the obvious reason that I love to quilt, but my favorite is Mama's Garden because it a little more old-fashioned looking and it looks really hard to do, but hopefully isn't !!!

oooooooh, it's a really tough choice! I am torn between Mama's Spools and Mama's Stuff....

Mama's china is my favorite, but I really like all of them!

Has to be Mama's China because I like all 3 colorways, but like ALL of the patterns.

They are all so beautiful! But Mama's Garden would remind me most of my own Mom. And all from jelly rolls - cool! Thanks for sharing!

Hard decision - I love them all! But I think my absolute favorite would be Strawberry Pie followed by 'Mama's Stuff' - that's exactly what the menfolk in my house call everything quilting-related they might come across (although I try to hide most of it meticulously to avoid any discussion). Winning a set of your patterns would be heaven as they are so hard to find in my neck of the woods.

Mama's garden is my favorite. So simple and so pretty!

Lovin' Mama's Strawberry Pie!

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