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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


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I'm in love with the fabric that has t-shirts on it. Please make something cute with that fabric.

Great color combinations. I love them and they're perfect for summer.

Oh my another summery fabric to fall in love with! "LOVE"

I saw this collection on the Moda website and fell in love instantly. Since then i have been visiting your website frequently because I love love your style. I sooo want Lucy's crab shack for my daughter. I think it is soo fresh and soo fun and just right for my almost 9 year old. I think it will be something she can have for many years. I love it, the style, the colors, everything! Waiting anxiously!!

You've done it again!!!! DARLING!!!! As I scrolled through the photos of Lucy, I kept commenting "oh how cute"', "oh I love it", The fun summer colors, so could see making this into a quilt for my surfy hubby!!! Love love love!!!

Une telle collection d'amusement, je ne peux pas attendre de voir les projets que vous concevez. Je pars pour l'artisane aujourd'hui avec mon édredon taille Ville reine a fait à partir d'un modèle dans votre livre. Soit dit en passant, j'aime vraiment le livre!

I like the Mama Said Sew line better - I've been a sewaholic all my life. But the Lucy fabric is so darned cute, too! Some of my favorites are the multicolored dots and the numbers, and I really like the one with the kids' names one it. It's all wonderful!

Love the orange colorway!! Especially that plaid!

Pick me! Pick me! You do beautiful work.

I love this new fabric! I love the little flags. You are amazing. I already bought your little project kits with these fabrics. Love it all! Thanks!

I love everything you do!!

I am looking for inspiration for a new baby quilt (for a new baby) and these would be perfect! The colors are classic and fresh/

Just got my second antique sewing machine and I could SO use some of your LOVELY new designs --

i'm kind of in love with this line. ESPECIALLY the surf club print with all the names on it!

I love both collections, but right now, I'm leaning towards the Lucy's Crab Shack. My favorite print is the clothesline (and the bicycles, and the polka dots), and I like the aqua colorway the very, very best. LOVELY! I'll be watching for this to show up in a fabric shop near me!

It's not everyday you see your name on fabric! How exciting (especially when your name is Bryce). Not the most common name out there (for a girl anyway) =}

Mama said Sew--can wait to create with it.

Looking forward to seeing the new kits. :)

Perfect line for summer! Love the colours, love the prints - need to get some!

"I Love Lucy" ;)

I love any fabric line you design, but you asked me to pick one, so.... ;)

You guys do the neatest things-- and with my favorite colorways-- I love your work! Keep it up!!!

[email protected]

In fact, both of them are gorgeous!
I would use Lucy's for kids clothes, or fabric toys, and Mama is calling for bed linen, and pillows, or bags.
Congratulations on these beautiful collections!

Really love the line! Especially the plaid and the clothesline!

What a lovely summery line. I love the plaid, green with flowers, and all the beach names. Oh and the polka dots.

Love both collections, but am really waiting impatiently for Mama Said Sew. However, I can see some must haves here too!

colours and prints are amazing, and fun. love the blues and greens. oooh and the orange. I'm sure I could find a place for this new line. thanks and enjoy the day.

That is such a fun line, thanks for giving some away.

I love all your fabric lines! Always so fun!

Such a fun collection,I can't wait to see the projects you design. I'm off to the quilter today with my queen size Hometown quilt made from a pattern in your book. By the way, I really enjoy the book!

That line is just drop dead gorgeous!! Oh - and I can't decide which I love more - so will just HAVE to sample both... and play, and create and dream!!

the green in this collection is one of my alltime favorite shades. And love the bicycle print.

I am in love with the Lucy line. I have already spotted my son's name!

Love the colors! Nice new line, would love to win some!

I love both of the ranges equally. I'm a bit partial to red and navy and white together. Very nautical!

love the bikes and clothes on the line.

Love, love them both!
Lucy would make a great throw quilt for the white porch swing I got for Mother's Day last year. It's sitting (swinging) there practically begging for some summer polka dot love.
At the same time, I can't resist the sewing vocabulary in print.
Fabulous design job ladies! What a treat!

I love them both and can't choose!!

I would love some of this!

Love the Lucy

I love both lines but I think Lucy wins because of all the aqua and orange and the numbers and it just screams summer.

Love the colors and especially the number prints!

As I scrolled down through the pics, I thought,"this line is going to be a big hit" ie Lucy's Crab Shack

I love the brightly colored number pieces and the clothesline print - so cute! Thanks so much for sharing.

Love the greens and blues

Oh my goodness these are so very cute! I really like the little shirts hanging on the line paired with the turquiose print. Very summery! Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabric!!

These are gorgeous!! Both different but gorgeous in their own way. Can't wait to get my hands on them!:)

Love it when your new lines come out! Not a single piece I don't want to add! Especially love the bikes as my daughter is logging many miles on hers.

I love the text prints, and the clothesline is super cute too!

Real tough choice but Lucy's crab shack wins. Love the dark kite tail fabric. Thanks for your generous giveaway!

I like it! Very light and breezy like summer. Reminds me of being a little girl and playing outside.

Really nice fabrics for summer - especially this clothes-line fabric - so cute!!

oh wow what a great selection of fabric!!!

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