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Monday, April 23, 2012


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mais ils font de grands paniers avait Jour mai. Avez-vous fait des paniers de jour de mai quand vous étiez enfant? Nous avons toujours fait de petits paniers et les remplit avec du pop corn et des friandises. Puis, nous allions l'accrocher sur la porte de notre ami à la maison, la sonnette, et de s'enfuir. Ne serait-ce pas merveilleux pour cela?!

I just ordered something last Saturday, if only I had waited a few days. Love the heart baskets and tablerunner.

ohhhh, I love the reunion line, but Lucy might be my next favourite! I need to dig out my sewing machine again!

always love what you gals do. these are adorable.

Love Lucy's Crab Shack! I think this is going to become one of my all time Sweetwater favourites (along with Authentic). The tiny bicycle motif is so cute. Hope it appears in the UK soon.

I already ordered my kits for the heart bags. I'm so excited for the RAK! Thanks! I probably won't get them in time to make them for May Day (I can't sew things up that fast because of my schedule), but they'd make great May Day baskets. Did you do May Day baskets when you were a kid? We always made little baskets and filled them with popcorn and goodies. Then, we'd go hang it on our friend's door to their house, ring the doorbell, and run away. Wouldn't these be great for that?!

I love the May project. I will probably have to buy one of each kit. Pretty hard choice! LOL.

The heart bags would be cute for May Day, too.♥♫

I won! I won! Oh if ya'll could only see the silliness that occurred when I read this!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I'm sending my info right now!! :D

Ooh I love the table runner, can't wait for the label crew package to arrive! Love the favor bags, and look the blue one even had my name on it :)

Those heart favor bags would be perfect for an upcoming birthday. You guys, I mean girls, always have such great ideas--I don't know how you keep doing it!!

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