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Thursday, March 22, 2012


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I'm guessing rickrack...which happens to be my favorite. Might have to buy one in every color!

OMG I am so sad I probably won't be able to get this before it sells out :( I am guessing the name of the zigzag print is "ric-rac patty whack." Its hard to pick a favorite since they are all fabulously cute, but if I had to choose I would say my favorite is the entire grey collection! ;)

I'm hoping it's called "ric-rack."

I think it might be "overlock."

I'm going totally out a limb and saying "Finishing Edge" for a different idea. I love the reds and I really can't pick 1 favourite. I can't wait to see the quilt your Mom is making. This is a gorgeous line - congratulations!!

I'll say pinking shears related. I love my pinking shears! I actually hardly use them, but they are a family heirloom, super sharp, and very prominently stored. I love the "Pinked" name.

I know August will be here before I know it, but I really need (want?) this fabric NOW!

I love the collection. Love, love, love it. I think the name is "Pinked".

My favorite is the sewing guide. I the last one to the party, but I am loving the fabric with words right now.

Quilting in Texas

It has got to be Ric-Rac, doesn't it?? I'm a bias girl, and love gingham, so bias is my favorite.

I think something along the lines of Pinking Shears is a good guess. I love the grey and red combos and the black too. Grey and red combo has always been a fav. As usual I'll be haunting the online stores in anticipation!

I LOVE this new line. I think it will be a home run! As for the zig zag, I think it's called ric-rac.

When I first saw it I thought of pinking shears or rick rac. I think the collection looks great!!!

My guess is Ric Rac. My favorite print is the red newspaper fabric -- LOVE IT! Actually, the entire collection is FABULOUS!

What a fabulous collection! I think I NEED to make something for my mama with this :) She definitely said sew! When reading "zig zag" I couldn't think what it might be called, but I scrolled back up and looked at the fabric and immediately saw ric rac. I love the colours used here, too! Just wonderful. I'm looking forward to this coming out in a couple of months.

It's got to be ric rac to go with the sewing theme. Love this new collection! My favorite is the red and white pinwheels!! Can't wait!

I see lots of guesses of Ric-Rac" and that makes sense. But the thing that came to my mind was "TENSION". So that's my guess. I hope I win because I like everything about this line. Especially the black with circles. Thanks for the chance to get my hands on such cute, cute, fabric.

I love the collection! My guess is Rick Rack for the zig zag design. One other name I thought of was pinking shears.

I think it is either ric-rac or pleats. And I love the red newspaper print.

So there did not "seam" to be a stipulation as to how many guesses you are allowed.... Ric-rac may be too obvious, so I am now thinking "binding" or even "selvedge." So there you have it, it's a random pick, I may sleep on it and give it another go tomorrow. =}

Ric-rac is my answer to the first part of the question and to the second; I love the sewing guide. As usual however, I LOVE all of it!!

I think it is called "This way and that" You guys are always so much fun. :-) My favorite is the large red circle fabric but they are all great!

Love this new line :) I am thinking the new name is "Up and Down"

My first thought was ric-rac, but I see I'm not alone. I'm going to stick with that, anyway. The fabric is just gorgeous! I think my favorite is the Sewing Guide. I missed out on the authentic line, so will pay close attention to the release of this line.

Just Pinky

Rick Rack was my first thought! Love it all!

Zippers! Love it all of course-each of your fabric designs is my new favorite!

i was thinking rick-rac but that's probably too obvious. chevron?

i really like the collection but the pinwheels are my fave.

having looked at it, I'm going to say "rickrack" (or a variation on the spelling). Love this line and all 3 colorways!

My first thought was ric rac. I absolutely LOVE the grey with the large white circular pattern. SOOOO pretty. You gals did it again!

I love this line, so totally awesome!! But then again I like all you gals do! I am going to say the zig zag pattern is called Pinking Shears! Love it!

Mountains and Valleys? Sunshine and Shadows? Zippers? Those are more along the lines of quilt patterns those than they are sewing things. I must admit that while I just dearly love all of your fabric lines, "Pure" is finally being cut into for Easter for my kids vests.

Ooh, I LOVE the new collection! I can't wait to get my hot little hands in it! Maybe the new print is called indecision. I can relate to that. Not very sew-y though.

I think this is called 'gather up'. I love 2 color quilts! My fav is the dictionary print.

I had thought of Rick rack, but its probably something much more original!

Hi i love the fabric with words, and the pinwheels. They just make my heart sing. I think like everyone else that the name is ric rac. The grey is gorgeous.

Oh delicious - I'm salivating - pity they'll probably be hard to find here in the UK for some time

I also thought ric rac before looking at the comments page. I also thought mini chevron, but that's not as sewing related.

THe red is to die for!! So beautiful. ;p

The new collection is to de for! I think the zig zag print may be called ric-rac.

I see I'm not the only one who thinks "ric-rac", though I think "pinked" (suggested elsewhere in the comments) is brilliant ... especially if the ziggies were pink!

My favourites just might be the "lazy daisy" and the wheely print, whatever that one is called. Sorry ... it's late and my imagination went to bed without me.

My guess is ric rac. I love this line so much and my fav print s most definitely the sewing guide!

ric-rac? love the sewing dictionary!

Love everything about this collection! I'm going to guess the name of the zig zag pattern is Ripples...i would say ric rac, but that seems to be very popular!!

oooo- how DELICIOUS! I LOVE it! My fav is the black print with Ohio and other destinations on it. I'm guessing ric-rac and keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance to win!

sharonhuismith @

These are great - it's going to be hard to wait to get my hands on these. I think ric rac!

I'm guessing you are calling it "Rick Rack". My favorite of the fabrics is the red Rick Rack one. I do like the grey color way too! I love Mama Said Sew Fabric shop and buy all my Sweetwater fabric there! They still had a little of the Sunkissed and I bought even more recently. I just love it all! Oh, and I made several cute aprons with your reunion fabric for presents. The recipients weremso happy! I should have made myself one. :)

By the way, I can't seem to enter my URL correctly on this iPad. It keeps changing the spelling of word press into two words, so that's why it isn't included.

Zippers. But of course I thought of Rick Rack too. I think the two little prints of pinwheels and flowers are my favorites. Such a cute collection. I think it will do well! I am working on Home Town now.

I would guess Pinking Shears? I like this group a lot. What a great combination. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think the pinwheels are very cool because they haven't been done before and could be used in a lot of things. Great job again!

"Just Pinked"
Grey is my favorite color and the newsprint is my favorite print. PS Authentic is my all time favorite moda line.

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