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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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Get all the girls together and ask them what they would prefer to keep covered on their bodies.

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Serait-il inopportun de dire aux jeunes filles la pr carit de leur jeunesse De rappeler dans un si bel idiome l' ph m re de leur clat, de leur peau de p che Cela choque quelle vieille femme de dire que la beaut ne dure pas Elles ne le savent pas, les grand-m res, de nos jours Elles sont devenues ce point stupides, avec leurs teintures et leurs peaux retendues Je ne peux pas le croire.

Where do I find the mama said sew fabric? Yardage???

Estos huevos son de tela super lindo, ¬°felicitaciones!

Este nuevo tejido, me gustan los colores y los accesorios son también muy hermosa, encantadora y muy Considero que, al igual que comprar uno.

You need to make more fabric kits. I don't know when they ran out but they were gone 11 hours later. Sob!

Your fabric is fabulous! I would love to come down to Hollyhill - I have been wanting to go there - it is a 4 hour drive though.... I was just in Portland for 4 days last weekend.

The handle is cool! love your new line!

oh how I would love the bag in a complete kit. it is like pulling teeth to get any of these fabrics where I live. love, love, love it! kit? ciao!

Waw....I very much like this new fabric!!(as I also liked the previous ones).... Fabulous prints and very nice colours and the accessories are just lovely!!
just joined the Label Crew and I can hardly wait to recieve the new project!!!
This post has made my day (and I needed this)

Love your blog! :)

If I sign up for the Label Crew now will this be my first kit?

Love the handle. And, the prints. And, the fabrics. You gals are so awesome!

I really like your products but you don't ship internationally so I can't buy off your etsy site :-(

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