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Thursday, March 01, 2012


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Leather coats give protections from the rain and cold. There is no other outfit out there that is as chic as this appearance.

Estos huevos son de tela super lindo, ¬°felicitaciones!

OMG...I totally meant to order one of these. Please tell me that it's not too late, even though it techincally is. I understand if you just can't accept any more orders, but if you can...I'd love to purchase one!

hello sweetwater girls,
I entered the moda challenge , "Sliced" and used just a wee bit of happy sweetwater fabric from your hometown collection in my design. I Thought you might like to see it.

have a wonderful day

I've been begging, truly I have, but husband insists that having functional toilets takes priority over pretty number paintings for the new house. Which means I'm one of the ones holding on to that .01% chance that someday you make some more! :-)

Keep it up, you cute girls!

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