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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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Your right this may not be illegal but definitely unethical! I love Sweetwater fabric lines and I DO think they are very UNIQUE!! And I know it takes a LOT of work to design a line of fabric its not just something you whip up, its a process.

If anyone wants to contact the makers of this paper you can at this site Maybe if they get enough people complaining about how unethical this was they will be a bit more careful about making sure the artwork they print in the future is not copied.

I wonder what a patent lawyer would say about this.
It is could happen again

It amazes me, given all the internet access we have, that people think that if they change one or two things, they can do this. The reality is: if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck...IT'S A DUCK! Subway are is fun and the designer could have done so many different you say, you can't copyright the words...but different fonts, layout, colors and a few more different words, would have made it different. You have every right to have them remove the designs from their site and demand restitution.

That is a very cheeky thing to do and you have every right to be annoyed.

I loved your scrapbook papers. I used to subscribe to your kits via a company here in the uk when I first started scrapping about 7 years ago. The layouts with those papers are some of my all time favourites. Oh to be able to still purchase those papers now.

I am truly shocked by this-
I would have had the same reaction-- I HOPE you get a lawyer. Seriously!
this is NOT FAIR
HEllo- it's EXACTLY THE SAME- that just makes me mad-

As a creative person, trying to be original, it can be difficult. As you said, so many wonderful influences. But to blatently copy a design and try to pass it off as your own - well that's just sad!

I love your designs and eagerly await each new collection and appreciate the creativity, love and hard work ivolved. I'm afraid a lot of folk just don't get that!

I get it. You have every right to be outraged. I commented on copyright to a friend one day and she said, "Oh you just have to change a few things and it's no longer copyright." WRONG!!!!! I understood with copyright that as soon as you put pen to paper then its copyright. It doesn't have to be registered. This is your work and its good for 50 years after you ~~ shall we say ~~ move on.

What a rip off!!! I'd be pretty mad too. Loved that fabric range...

I know - geez. When I had my store, we saw this all the time. I would NOT buy from companies who blatantly copied. Just couldn't give them my business. And of course, we all know how many copy-cats there are out there, who are taking everyone's ideas and making them just a tiny bit different to say they're original. Makes me sick! I see it almost every day.

Don't like it happening to you girls, though. I think my first order with you was one of your first orders! I always loved having it in my store. Hang in there, girls. The word is out and it won't be pretty for them!

Gosh, don't you just wish that you were at the top of your game in martial arts arena and could just go kick someone! Such outrageous nerve and dishonesty in some people - it is hard to take. Sorry that happened to you - it certainly should not have. I hope everyone that scrapbooks sees your note and refuses to deal with someone like that.
Tomorrow will be better - but it should never happen. Sorry

As my Grannie used to say " the nerve of some people's children" but seriously I am sorry this happened, you all work so hard and to have someone steal your work is a shame.

I don't think you're over-reacting at all. I'm so glad you found it! That just makes me sick, and I hope you get some justice.

You have every right to be upset. Own it! Please take this seriously and stand up for yourself and your designs. It is a total rip-off and they should be paying you. Give them hell!

Ugh, copyright theft sucks, end of, hopefully Moda has big guns to shoot them down for you!

Theft is what that is called....One of my favorite fabrics...I am sorry this has happened....Put me on the list of protesters. So unjust for the company to make a profit from your hard work.


I'm so sorry- you must feel robbed. I don't mean to make light in a not-so-light situation, but I can't help but laugh. "True", "original", "real", "fresh"?? *really*?
And their design is cluttery when compared to yours. (Just sayin')
p.s. Don't let it get to you.

I have to admit I was waiting for what you eventually wrote: that you plan to contact them and share your feelings (I hope strongly!)... your creativity (and that of others) should be respected...

That is terrible! Will not buy from that company. However I LOVED your scrapbook papers and would buy them all if you produced them!! Not sure why you stopped!

There's no way that designer thought they were making something original. It just SCREAMS your design aesthetic. You guys do a great job establishing a very distinctive style and I always recognize it immediately. I've seen this happen with large chain stores and fabric lines as well. SOOO ridiculous!

I am sorry to hear that your design was copied. TO be honest, my sister and I have this discussion everytime CHA rolls around and all the sneak peeks start. There seems to be so much copying in the scrapbook stuff, we can't believe companies don't get more upset with each other. I get that people are inspired by others--but some of the designs seem to be copied right from others.

oh my gosh! I was a HUGE fan of Sweetwater's papers and really miss them! Even if this paper was copied from your fabric, it's very tacky and the one word added makes it even more insulting :-( I am deeply sorry that you had to stumble across this the way that you did and I will promise you that I won't be purchasing from that company either!

Totally get where are coming from. I spent years doing volunteer work, typing records, for the local historical society so they could sell them and make money to support programs. Online I have found entire pages of this information without giving credit. This practice cheated the organization I worked so hard to support. How do I know? The funky key on my typewriter.

It's ironic that the line they picked to steal from was named "authentic." That's not cool.

I remember that fabric. I am sorry this happened to you and I certainly understand your hot under the collar feelings. Hugs! We know where that creativity came from. I know this is no help but thank you so much for having the courage to share your talents while risking having others steal your ideas. I can imagine it has much more to do with the principle of the thing more than any dollars. Hugs! We appreciate YOU!

You have every right to be angry. That design was not "inspired by" yours, it was straight out theft of your design.

I hope you have a good lawyer who can have a little chat with them.

That's awful

First the good stuff. 1) Congratulations, Karen! I love the charms too! 2) That studio, ladies, is!!!!
Now, the not so good stuff. Finding that paper must have felt like a punch in the gut. I have no idea what recourse, if any, you have, but I sure do understand your frustration. I went to the website in question and was all set to send a "howler," but thought twice. This is not my fight to fight, but I do hope that you you get a response from them that to some extent resolves this ugly situation.
Meanwhile, I just finished my Countdown to Kisses project and posted it to Sweetwater Quilts on flickr. It's official. I'm a groupie!

I also saw they used the word "original"....LOL! Not too original was it??!!
I wish Sweetwater was back in paper as I don't quilt much at all and mainly scrapbook.
I came here after a post over on the 2peas forum telling us about it. Best of luck, and I am sorry you had to stumble upon something so upsetting. I would vent too!!! YOu have every right.

That is really disgusting. I posted a link to your fabric and the blatant copy on the Two Peas message board. I know I won't be buying from Canvas Corp.

Yikes! I've seen this happen way too much with crochet patterns. I'd have Moda contact them. That way you won't have to deal with it. Vent anytime you need to.

You have every right to be upset that someone stole your designs. I hope that something can be done about it.

Should have said in earlier post that you should put the putative "designer" and her company on notice that you consider this theft. For that matter, even if the font and words have been changed up, clearly your design has been copied. This really is outrageous, and I don't know how the putative "designer" can sleep at night!

While you can't copyright words, I would think that you can copyright the design using words. If it is identical except for the addition of one word (i.e. word order and font), then you've been ripped off. And I believe that you or Moda should pursue this and put the company and the
designer" that you consider this theft! And your anger is a righteous one!

You should let us all blast them will our thoughts on stealing! It's not nice. Your studio looks great and since I live nearby I have a thought for the reading corner...move it to my house OR just give me a key and I'll happily be right over when I have time!♥♫

You should be irritated.....or outraged....or frustrated. Not fair!! Someone else is trying to take credit for your idea. I guess I feel bad for them......they're not creative enough to take come up with their own ideas.
Oh, and I like Katie's post!

I thought designs were protected under copyright laws? Doesn't Moda actually own the design? Shouldn't Moda be rattling this cage?

Well, I'm really sorry to hear this. It seems to be happening more often to more and more designers. :(

Wow. I didn't see the original fabric, but that's a bummer. Hopefully it's an honest mistake, but probably not. So sorry. Well, if imitation is the best form of flattery...(blah, blah, blah). :-) You do great work, and we all know it and love it. Apparently so do others...

It's almost funny that the stolen design is from a collection called "authentic".

Wow, that's not cool. Your designs are so distinct too, so they aren't too smart trying to get away with it....

OMG!!! The nerve of some people. I don't have an original thought in my head, but I always give credit to whom it's due. Go give them h***!

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