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Friday, November 18, 2011


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I thought of you gals as I watched the Broncos play in Minnesota yesterday afternoon. It was fun watching 2 young quarterbacks battle it out and I think you have some promise with the guy that you've got?! Whether people like Tebow or not he sure knew how to make plays happen to get the job done :)

aw, a Broncos fan.

...and to think I used to love this blog. :P ;)

The charms are very cute. I'm thinking about making some deer stuffed toys, and those snowflakes would look adorable around their necks!
I like all your ideas, especially the tiny Christmas tree!

Love the charms, and enjoy your weekend.

I love the charms! ;0

I think I would like to get a charm...very sweetwater style.

We are not a Tebow fan...we are Georgia Bulldogs and he was a Florida Gaytor. But glad you guys got a least most of you.

Sweetest post, so cute with the football rivels. I need some of those charms :)

these are really fun. love them. enjoy your weekend.

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