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Monday, November 28, 2011


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I love the personalized stockings!

I love the charms. My necklace always gets great comments and the Christmas charms mix well with my other ones! I must have liked these 12 days since I ordered quite a few things - for gifts and myself!!

All so beautiful love that gift bag!

The subway art print is my favorite. Love your fabric!

Love the gift bag.

I'm so glad I found your site! So many fun ideas! I love all your projects, probably the Christmas print the best. Thanks for sharing!

They are all fabulous. It amazes me how creative you guys are. Keep it up! I would choose the ruffled potholders as my fav item. Love the look. Thanks, ladies!

The Christmas Charms are my favorite. I have the zip code charm and get comments all the time. The personalized gift tags are also great--actually everything is great. Love it all.

Love, love love the Christmas prints. So great!

My favorite is the personalized Christmas name in a frame. I ordered 3 from you to make for myself and our 2 daughters.

I love them all! The table trees are super. The charms are sweet. Thank you for the chance to win!

The gift bag rocks my world! However, I love everything! Like always... you guys make such cute stuff!

As much as I love the charms and the kitchen towels and the cards, I think my favorite is the Christmas prints. They're all wonderful.

They are all so cute! I think I like the charms and the subway art--tough choice. Thanks for sharing all of your cool ideas!

If I have to choose just one, I'll choose the gift bag. Polka dots are a favorite design of mine. And the pocket features some of the Sweetwater Christmas fabric from the fabric I'm using for your banner pattern.

Thanks for the opportunity to win and thanks for your designs!!

I love them all but my top three are:
The Advent Quilt
The Gift Bag
The Towels & Coasters

Ok...I guess that should be four but I am making each of them in some way shape or form. Whether as a gift or to bless our home.

May your Christmas Season be Blessed!

OMG - I have just found your site through Pinterest and I am hooked.
Choose - okie dokie it has to be the towels - love love them. Love it ALL!!

The charms....I simply love those charms. I have a house one, my daughter got the 22 for her 22nd and now I'd love a Christmas one. Yep they're my fav altho' the choosing is tricky.

They are all adorable, but I love the Advent Quilt!!

I can't decide- I want them all (and another month to get ready for Christmas!) Love your designs!

love them all! but if I had to choose it would be the stocking and advent calendar! thanks for a chance to win!

Do we really have to pick! I love them all, my most favorite are the towels, the stocking and the potholders. All on my list to make. Can we move Christmas to February 25, so I have time to finish!

well, I ordered 1 towel kit....turned out so cute. Then gave it as a gift. I already miss it. I must say, I want my own. The towel fabric itself is great!

I have to say my favorite is the Advent Quilt, it is so cute!

I am obsessed with the advent calender! Just LOVE it!! Although, to be honest, I really like all the projects--so creative!

Too many choices... love them all. My fav is the gift bag and and really love the custom name print. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the stocking!

I love it al,but the ruffled garland did it for me especailly,so creative! The Christmas charms are wonderful are they you gals!

Table trees are tied with the name art - but I already purchased two of the name art so the trees get bumped to the top!

My favorite is the personalized name picture. I ordered 2.

It's a toss up between the coasters and the gift bag!

I'm a sucker for advent calendars so that is the choice for me! Thanks for the chance.

All of your items are amazing! Love, love,love the advent calendar, the ruffled towels and the charms. Have a Merry Christmas!

Oh, I just love the kitchen towels!

They have all been lots of fun - thank you. Definitely love the advent calendar - my big girls would love it too! Charms run a close second.

I would love to win the gift bag - so cute!

What to choose, what to choose...? They are so cute! I love the Christmas prints, the Christmas cards and personalized gift tags. I think my favorite is the personalized Christmas name picture!

As usual everything you ladies do is gorgeous! But my first choice would be the Christmas prints. Second would be the ruffle garland. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Love the table trees! :)

Love the gift bag!! I'm really into polka dots these days. All the items were great though. Loved the idea of the years pinned on the stocking.

You guys are absolutely genius!!!! Love them all. So difficult to choose, but would have to decide the Christmas prints are so pleasing to the eye! malena kaufman

I love the Christmas prints! It would look great in my house!

So hard to pick! The personalized gift tags are calling my name, though. Would use them as package toppers for my family members.

I like them all but the Gift bag is my favorite. I liked it so much that I bought the kit! It's on my weekend "to do" list!

Love, love, love the Advent quilt! If I started now I may have it done by Christmas 2012 :) I can just imagine the goodies to put in the pockets for my kids!

You guys are awesome!

Jaime Emerson

The gift bag is definitely my favorite!

I really like the kitchen towels.

Oh, how can we pick. I am a charms lover and I would love to have some of your charms!


LOVE the table trees!!!!
They are very cute and can be used a million ... OK maybe a hundred different ways.

I Love the Christmas Print. Although, I really like the rest of the ideas too. Thanks for sharing.

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