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Monday, October 03, 2011


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Thanks for the updated on the Label Crew! I am a new member and would have wondered what was happening. Can't wait to get my first shipment.

Phew.... I thought for a minute the 'bad news' was going to be that we weren't going to do that project after all! You scared me! Definitely better late than never! :)

congrats ladies. i'm sure winning will put a positive spin on the week. enjoy.

Congratulations to the ladies who won your awesome giveaway from the Moda Country Fair Blog Hop. It was so nice learning about all these designers. You guys are awesome.


You did a great job!! It was so much fun listening to you. Missed hearing your mom, though.

Thanks for the update about the Label Crew. I'll be patient and not harass the mailman.

I'll be tuning in!!! It will be great to hear your voices. Relax you'll do fine and don't worry if you do put your foot in your mouth just remember....DON'T SWALLOW!!!
Congrats to the winners of the Hometown pre-cuts!
I'll be watching for my Label Crew...don't worry we have plenty of time to get them made.

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