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Friday, October 21, 2011


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Hey guys, wondering when your heartstrings pattern will be available to purchase. Kind regards Louise.

My favorite is Heartstrings, but Zig Zac is just right after Heartstrings:)

Apron Strings is my favorite, though they are all quite lovely. So hard to choose.

My favorite is heart strings! Love that you're going to be offering kits too! Off to check out Etsy!

Oh they are all fabulous patterns - Connections and Apron Strings are really cool, but yup, I think my fave is ZigZag!

I love all of the new patterns! They are great! I an excited to get the kits, patterns and of course the fabric!!! Zig Zag is adorable and I think I'll have to make Apron Strings as well.

I love apron strings and zig zag. I really like the navy color and have not used any navy for any projects so I can't wait to add a new color to my stash!

Love Love Love them all! But Heart Strings it is!

my favorite is zig zag so cute:)

Lovely quilts. My favourite is Zig Zag too, but followed closely by Apron Strings.

Zig Zag is my favorite!

Well, I have to go with Heartstrings if my feet are held to the fire. Love them all though!

Great patterns! My favorite is Zig Zag but Apron Strings comes in as a close second.

I really like ZigZag but Connections is good second. Thanks for the giveaway!

My fav is apron strings. I love it!!!!

I love them ALL - like always. This time I think my favorite is Heartstrings. . . but ZigZag is right up there too :)


I am torn between apron strings and the zig zag, love them all.

I was meant to be ironing this afternoon, but the postman arrived with your new book......a little behind now. I just logged on to tell you how much I loved it and lo and behold...more loveliness. Wrinkly clothes are cool, right, because I've got too much sewing to do!! Favourite quilt? Always love a zig-zag x

Heartstrings is my favourite looks so fresh and creative. I can only imagine the feeling in the cold morning to be covered with that pink beauty.

Apron Strings was my first favourite, and I think Zig Zag would be a close second.

Beautiful work as usual ladies!!


It's got to be Heartstrings. I love the way it looks and the fabric you used. Thanks!

When are the patterns....apron strings and heart strings going to be made available???? Love them both.

Back and forth between Heart Strings and Zig Zag...fabulous.

I am really looking forwrd to making Apron Strings, and winning the fabric would just be the 'topping on the warm pie' on a gorgeous fall day! Thanks for sharing - Denise

Who wouldn't love to win any of these patterns let alone all of them. I think I'm partial to heartstrings.

Apron Strings. No, Heart Strings. No, Zig Zag. No Apron Strings, no, Heart Strings. Do I really have to pick?

I like Apron Strings and Heartstrings!

My favorite is the Zig Zag quilt, but they all look great.

Apron Strings is my favorite but Zig Zag is a close second.

ZigZag, then Arpon strings are my favorites,but I do love them all! Each one is so different from the others, how do you manage that?

Connections made my heart stop for a minute, then along came ZigZag. How to chose?

I really like the buntings on the heartstring quilt. looks so fun

My favorite is Apron Strings! I haven't seen anything like it before. So FUN!

I think they are all wonderful but Apron Strings is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

Each of the quilts is darling...but as for a simply speaks to me!!!

I LOVE EVERY pattern! But my favorite would be Heartstrings....I love your fabrics....thanks for sharing a preview!

I have 2 favorites....Apron Strings and Zig Zag.

My favorite is the Heartstrings!!!! I love the bunting. The red background with those bright accents is lovely. The embroidered finish tops it off nicely...might have to order a kit!

I LOVE the heartstrings quilt - the bunting, the blanket, so cute!!!

Love the quilts. I'm having a hard time choosing between two - zig zag and apron strings. I think apron strings wins but I suspect both with make it home with me :-)

Handsdown, Heartstrings. No doubt. Going to Etsy site now to preorder a kit...

I'm thinking Zig Zag is my favorite too but Apron Strings is a close second.

How can I pick just one? Going to have to go with Connections. Thanx for the chance!

Heartstrings. no doubt. Loved it as soon as I saw it.

Can all of them be my favorite?? If I had to pick one I would say Heartstrings!

Cute as always! Apron strings is my favorite.

Love the Reunion Collection! So hard to choose just one, but I Love Apron Strings!

My favorite is Apron Strings, Zig Zag is second.


My favorite is Heartstrings. Zig Zag is a close second.

I really like Apron Strings. It isso simple yet has a big impact.

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