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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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Love this fabric. Wanted to send you a link to my blog to show off a bag I made using your Pure fabrics.
All of my sewing friends love it and I think I am going to have to give up the remainder of my jelly roll to my best friend.

I love knowing that when we see work spaces in magazines, that it is specifically cleaned and organized. I love the creative process and will leave things out, too. Unforunately my space is my living rooms.

Congratulations! Nice to have the same status as Genevivie.

It was wonderful to see your booth at Quilt A Fair. The Hometown fabrics and designs are all SO cute.

Hi, I found your post on yahoo, love your work.

well, at least you cleaned to have the photos taken. you know holy cow, company is coming and i have to clean. always to good to have company come so the place can get a face lift once in a while. your space looks amazing along with all the other things you gals do. love you guys, so talented and creative. enjoy your weekend. wish i was closer, but a border and few mountains and miles get in the way.

I reminded my brother (the really tall one) about this weekend in we will just see if he shows up. Your studio looks awesome, however it is nice to know it is not always like that. Kristy in Ohio

How fun to see where you work!! I haven't seen Genivieve "at work" since she made a bedspread out of astroturf on TS - I better take another look because she has apparently moved on from that :) This past weekend I got a pack of FQ's of Hometown to start playing with but I can hardly WAIT for the Reunion prints to appear.

My, you do have a clean studio! But that never lasts long does it? It doesn't for me anyway! Creativity is messy :-) I love the prints!

I hope they gave you a lot of notice! I figure I'd need at least a month to clear all the clutter, figure out what to do with it and repaint at a minimum :)

Whether your space is neat or not, it seems to be working for you! I love your designs.

I was so hoping you'd be at Quilt A Fair. I'm off this week and been trying very hard to stay out of the quilt shops for the fabrics I need for birthdays/christmas. I'm taking my budget and hitting the booths! See you this weekend.

OH, I so have to disagree with you on this post. You have lots in common with Genivieve...You are ALL, including Genivieve, very, very, very talented designers. while your mediums may be different she is no more talented than you all. I love her, and I love you all also. You are so successful. She designs spaces, you design fabric, quilts, graphic design. You should all be so proud Ionly wish I had 1 tenth of the talent you ladies have. I can't wait to get out to get the magazine, it will be so exciting to see the space where you design and create your masterpieces.
Oh and one more thing to remember while the spaces that she designs are beautiful, in a year or two someone will change them out, however your fabrics and quilts will be around for a long, long, long time. Some of those quilts will become heirlooms and if you've documented them you name will be around for well over a hundred years, but a hundred years from now will anyone know the name Geniviebe Gorder...I think not! Don't get me wrong...I do love her but lets let the quilts speak for themselves.

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