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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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Dearest sweet sweetwater, it's very first time here on your gorgeous and very inspiring space! The fair sounds like such fun, the food and shops are amazing! We don't have many fairs here locally in malaysia and i wish i stay close to go for this one!
Oh my im loving that gorgeous towel lots and ruffles are my all time favorite! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

My favorite fair moments,are the chickens, that's what we raise, the food, and the rodeo.

I have really enjoyed the Moda Fair because I got to meet new designers and see their work.

I just love the whole atmosphere of a fair- the people, the food, the animals, the games- just puts you in a place of being young and carefree again! I love your Hometown collection and have all fingers and toes crossed! Thanks! :)

I haven't been to a fair in years (and we don't really have fairs like this in the UK) but I do love roasted chestnuts from the stalls at Christmas

My fav thing about our local fair is the food, all that yummy goodness.

I enjoy the neighborliness at the fair and all the sights and sounds. Of course looking at the quilts and crafts is lots of fun, too! Thanks for the giveaway!

I love the pigs, the quilts, people-watching, and my 2 favorite memories: watching my husband holding our daughter up high so she could see all of the animals, and winning first place for my oatmeal cookies when I was in 4th grade :)

I think my favorite memories of fairs are the animals (always wanted, but never could have) and the food! Thanks for the giveaways!

My favorite thing about the fair is my son's face! Everything is so excitting! He loves the animals, the crops, the rides all if it and I love spending every minute with him!

My favorite thing about the fair is Indian Fry Bread. Oh man I love that fry bread

My favorite thing at our fair is the pies at our church food stand. Home made and wonderful---coconut creme my favorite!

My favorite thing about the fair is watching my daredevil 8-yr-old daughter try the rides. She rides all the scary ones!

I have never been to a country fair but I like the Moda Country Fair as it is a great way to "meet" virtually the designers and discover your lovely projects.

My favorite things about our fair is all the food sampling and activities for the kids :)

My favorite thing about the fair is the horses. I love them!

My favorite thing to do at the fair is checking out the gorgeous quilts! Great workmanship and inspiration to start yet another quilt!

We love our county fair! Everything from the food (did I say FUNNEL CAKES!) to the local venders, to watching the kids around all the animals. I love seeing the hand made items being sold, and of course the quilts! Rides, forgot the rides!! It's not summer/fall without a good old fashioned fair!
Thanks for the give away!

My favorite thing about local fairs (besides the food!) is the arts and crafts area. I love to see what different artisans make!

I love going and taking my kids to the county fair/state fair! And I love everything about MODA!! Making the Half-Circles table runner right now from Sweetwater's Simple!

I love the livestock barns - all the types, but especially the bunnies and chickens! I love the new fabrics and especially the towel idea.

I love seeing all the finished projects in the women's areas of the fair.
Always beautiful things to view.

I love checking out the craft/quilt exhibits at the fair, my kids love the baby animal farm, and we all love the fireworks!


4-H is a great organization for children and youth. My favorite part of the fair is listening to the judges comments as they look at the kids projects. My daughter is into all the sewing and arts and craft projects she can do. We leave the livestock to other members of our 4-H club :)

Thanks for the sweet tute! My favorite thing at our state fair has always been the quilts and crafts exhibits. Thanks also for the great giveaway!

I have really loved getting to know all of the Moda designers thru this "fair". Lots of fun stories and great projects, too! Thanks for the chance to win some Hometown. It is my favorite line right now and I can hardly wait for Reunion to hit the stores.

The FOOD!!!!! of course. No calories counted, the more the better. And I love all the original crafts. LOVE YOUR FABRICS! pick me please!

My favourite thing has to be the locally made icecream eaten in the sunshine watching the sheep shearing!
thanks for the chance to win

Moda has the best blog hops!! I am such a fan of all your fabrics

Taking a break from getting ready for the county fair - set up is tomorrow - and found your cute towel on Pinterest. It is adorable. I want to reteach myself how to sew (although I never was very good) and I think this might be a great little project to start on. Thank you!

I love to see handcraft fair...i admire the works of the exhibitors :)

We never miss the fair. My favorite part is seeing my children's excitement over all the animals!

I've really enjoyed the Moda fair but a real life fair & all of the animals is one of my favourite things of all time.

I have enjoyed the blog hop learning a little at each stop about Americian culture.
Thank you for the pattern.
happy days.

What a great tutorial! I love funnel cakes and bobbing for apples at our local fair! Thanks for the giveaway!

cute towels

I love the canned goodies...preserves, jellies, pickles all lined up in their pretty little jars.. :) oh and the food too.

What's my favorite thing at the fair, you must mean besides the bunnies! Has to be the baby pigs. Love the pigs.

Love going to the fair! Going next week to Perry, GA. Love the towel!

I haven't been to a fair for years but your post makes me want to! Thanks for the great giveaway.

My favorite thing about the fair is - the quilt exhibit - of course. A lot of talented quilters exhibit at our state fair, and since I live in the capital city where the state fair is held, I consider it my local fair. Love 'Hometown', as I do all your lines. What a talented family you are.

I haven't been to a fair in ages. Growing up, the big draw was the demolition derby. My (male) cousins would always come up with a junker or two to enter, so we always went and watched -

My favorite thing at our county fair is the CORN DOGS! YUM!!!

Thanks for the great post and the giveaway!


The animals. My husband dreams of one day owning a goat!

My favorite thing about the county or state fair is the 4-H home arts exhibits. But it's hard to pick just one thing... fairs have so much to see! thanks for the opportunity to wind fabric.

I love to go with my friends and walk through the quilt/knit/craft displays, especially when they win ribbons! And of course, I love the corn dogs and funnel cakes!

I love to go with my friends and walk through the quilt/knit/craft displays, especially when they win ribbons! And of course, I love the corn dogs and funnel cakes!

I love the QUILTS at the fair.

I have more than 1 favorite at the fair....the quilt display in the exhibition hall, a certain booth's french fries, and a dough boy with powdered sugar and real maple syrup YUM!
Thank you for the giveaway and am enjoying the Fair Hop this fall.

I was a 4-H kid and really learned alot from it. Then when my children were 4-H age they also participated. It just seems to me that the fair and 4-H go hand in hand. So I really enjoy the young kids projects and all the creativity that I see in young people. Loved reading all the different designers takes on the fair. Each brought back many memories. Love your towel project. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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