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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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The smell of mini donuts always drive me wild in excitement. Although most of the rides scared me. I still had fun on the baby rides.

The local fair here starts on thursday. I love people watching and of coarse the food. Roasted corn, turkey legs, funnel cakes, just to name a few. I always like to try something that I haven't had before, like fried oreos. Have fun at the fair!

My favorite things are the roasted corn with different toppings, the craft show and the animal shows.

I LOVE the music and the food! I also love the vendors. I always find some new gadget. My favorite sight seeing is in the craft/home spun building. I'm always amazed at what people create!!!!

I can't find the canvas twill in Fort Wayne, IN and wondered if you could give me the name of the fabric. Thanks so much, the towels are so pretty!!

My favorite thing about the fair:

The home/craft entries!! I get to see items by seasoned crafters (the little old ladies) and also from the beginners. I love it!

Our county fair is the weekend...can't wait!

Love you blogs...the photos, the great advice & ideas..and the humor!

I really want to make one of these but I have been unsuccessful at finding Canvas Twill that isn't plain beige/cream/brown. Can you point in in the right direction? Is this just home decor/upholstery fabric?

Fair's are the best but the best of the best is watching the 4-H kids show their animals. I also get to judge the 4-H sewing clubs at my fair, it's a privilege to see & work with the future sewers & quilters. (I can't use the term "seamstress" as there are several young men who take sewing in our community.)

I just found this tutorial and am wondering where you have found canvas twill? I have looked everywhere! Thanks!!

My favorite thing about our county fair is the pride in the children's faces when they show the animal they've spent months raising. (And you can always tell at this point who's really done his/her own work & whose mama or daddy has raised the animal for the child to show just to win top dollar at the sale- the ones who've done all the work themselves have a way with the animals they're showing which the "cheaters" don't!!!)

My kids showed different animals at the fair. My favorite thing was barn duty in the evenings and watching all the kids come in to see the animals and exhibits.

I love the atmosphere! The excitement on the childrens faces and the smell of the wonderful food!!!

Love the fabic!

Where do you find canvas twill fabric. I can find twill and I can find canvas, but not the two combined into one. Help, please. The kitchen towels are just great.

My favorite part of the fair is the excitement in the atmosphere. The lights the smells and the craft section hoping to be inspired with a new project or idea.

I love your kitchen towel idea. Where can I find the grey and white polka dot fabric that is canvas twill??? Love that pattern and can't seem to find it. Thanks for your help!

Really cute towels!!

My favorite part of the fair is the sounds of people screaming in excitement and the rides all humming along and the smell of corn dogs and mini donuts!

Love this fabric line!

4H, country fairs, fabric, pulled pork. I think I fell down Alice's Wonderland hole! I wish we were neighbours :) I want your fabric shop! Love your blog, it's after my own heart.

I just found your blog and love it! My favorite fair foods are funnel cake! I also love the pure pleasure on my childrens faces when we ride the rides and eat "junk" food and people watch while eating ice cream! So many fun memories!!! ;)

I think the most fun things to see are the homemade items: clothing, quilts, needlework, home canned items, home baked items that have all been judged.

I love this Moda blog hop and that its based on county fairs! I love the food at county fairs but I also love looking at the home made exhibits, artwork, etc.
Thanks for sharing your towel pattern- too cute!

I love this Moda blog hop and that its based on county fairs! I love the food at county fairs but I also love looking at the home made exhibits, artwork, etc.
Thanks for sharing you towel pattern- too cute!

We love to visit all of the animals at the real fair. At the Moda fair, I love looking at blogs I've forgotten about!


I love my local fair, and the animals are my favorite. This year I took my 1yr old son for the first time and it was so fun..he learned what a sheep says! Baaaaa!

Food and People watching.....

I have always loved the animals at the fair. The rides never held much interest to me because I have such a weak stomach. Trying all the different foods never bothered it though lol.

I love your fabric. The livestock is always my favorite at the fair.

My favorite thing about fairs is the food & people watching!

The best thing about any fair is the children, the excited looks on their faces to hear them laugh & the occassional cry of a lost child too. The smells of the food the noise of the crowds....... there's nothing better!

my favorite thing to eat at the fair is Cotton Candy I an still a child at heart I never get enough cotton candy and there is some on my table right now from last night; thanks.

I love the handcraft fair, specially the quilts. I also like the petting zoo, my lilttle granddaughters love to pet all the animals!

My favorite thing about the Moda fair is the wonderful creativity of the designers. They are so generous with their ideas and make me want to get going on a new project! Thank you all!!!

i luv the Royal Winter Fair which is is November-the Horse Show and the Superdogs show are amazing and I love the food-FUDGE-YUMMY!!!!

My favorite thing about the fair is the lights of the midway at night. Even at 40, it is still magical to me!

I haven't been to a fair in years. So I really don't have a favorite thing. But my favorite thing about the moda blog hop fair has been going to all the different blogs & learning new things about everyone.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I love the people, the homemade food, and of course eating : ) Everything just tastes better at the fair.
Kate in Colorado

Thank for this pattern and the change to win your fabric, just lovely.


I love going to the animal barns and seeing the pigs and the cows and the goats and the chickens and the oh so cute baby chicks being born.

I love going to the Fall fairs in our region! I love viewing the quilts, seeing the animals and enjoying the treats of the season! Would love to win--I really do need some more fabric!

I love the feeling of pure FUN at a fair... it is so different from other times :)

When I was a kid - my favourite part of going to the fair was knowing that we could spend the day with all our friends and neighbours. I wish we had a fair where we live now.

I love the Colorado State Fair. Why? Mainly because it is in Colorado. Colorado is my favorite place in the whole world - every inch of it!! State fairs are state fairs, but Colorado's is the best.

I love the colors in this fabric line!

I have never been on country fair. I see it is very fun to be there.

My favorite thing at the fair of course is the quilts but I always have to check out the cabbage weight in! This year 126 lbs! Oh and the livestock, I grew up on a farm and love the little piglets!

I love looking at the bunnies and the chickens some of them are amazing.

My favorite thing about the fair is visiting the handwork, foods and artwork of everyone who enters. I am going tomorrow to enter my goods and look forward to see all of the exhibits starting Tuesday! The fair is a big event in our town and we take our children at least twice during the week.

I just love the carnival games. A few years a go when my son was 10 he won me a giant stuffed toy. It was Really neat. He is 18 now and rarely sees me now. -Tanya

I just love the carnival games. A few years a go when my son was 10 he won me a giant stuffed toy. It was Really neat. He is 18 now and rarely sees me now. -Tanya

my favorite thing about the fair is the horse rides my boys always love to take!! okay & the funnel cake, too!!

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