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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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okay I will try Grandma's apron even tho I am sure someone has beaten me to it.

Abigail's Apron I am sure of it!

Annie's Apron?

I'm guessing Angelina apron.

April's Apron?

Audrey's Apron.

good luck to me.. and thanks for the chance

Amy's Apron??????

How about "Apple's Apron". Love your new line!

Is it Amaryllis's Apron? When we were kids my sisters and I were in a production of The Music Man and my baby sister was "Amaryllis". Whatever the name, I bet it's awesome...can't wait for Reunion!


Whatever it is, it's CUTE :)

Alice - sounds like a good Aunt's name...

Could it be Abby, or Alley`s apron. Love the reunion fabrics...gonna be a most have:0)

Based on the other names, I'm going to say
Alice's Apron, but it wasn't the first name that came to mind. We'll see if I should have gone with my first instinct. :)

Alice's apron.
Love the new fabric!

I love all the alliterations! What fun names for your pretty fabric. How about Amanda, Amy, Amelia, or Ashley?

Well , I would have said Anne because that's my name but I'll go with Angel's Apron. I hope we all have at least one angel in the family.

Amanda's apron I guess...

Ella's Apron

Ana's Apron.

How about Aneela or Alma?


Ada's Apron

Annies Apron

Maybe Anita's Apron.

Could it be Agatha's Apron?

Alice's Apron?
Its one of my favorite names- thought I'd take a stab at a guess. Thanks for another chance to win fun fabric!

After much thought, the apron fabric should be called Abby's Apron! Thanks for the opportunity to win your giveaway.

Adelle's Apron

Anna's Apron!! My Grandma's name was Anna, and she always wore an apron!!

I am going to guess Aunt Audrey's apron.


Well, my first thought was Avril's Apron (like in Anne if Green Gables), but my more realistic guess was Annie's Apron. I'm pretty sure that's already been guessed. Fun!

Adele's Apron

I'll go with Amy's Apron. What a cute fabric collection. Reunion is a great name. You guys ARE very good naming a fabric line.

Augustine's apron

I'm going with Alice's Apron

I like the sound of Annie's Apron. I also like Abby's Apron. By any name, it is super cute fabric.

Definitely Aprils Apron!

I'm going to go with "alexis's Apron" since thats my name - maybe it will be lucky

Angela's Apron

What about Agnus?

I'll say Ava. My cousin has a daughter with that name and that's the only "A" in my immediate family.

I bet it is Alice's Apron

I'm going to guess Annie's Apron! Love the line!

Annie's Apron?

Maybe already taken - Althea's apron?

Aunt Amy? Aberdeen? Alma?

I have to go with Annie's Apron as that was what my brother called me when we were kids. Love the fabric and would make a great addition to my collection.

Angie's Apron or Ava's Apron...

Can't wait to see the answer!

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