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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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I love the Red!

Wow! This is quite a collection! I have alswys been a reds person, the grays come in a close second,but any of them are fabulous!! Interesting to read about your new ideas! Always love all that you do.

I love the Family Reunion Layer Cake - the reds, yellows, blues, and neutrals are exactly my taste. Even reminded me of old family reunions in the late 1940's and 1950's.

I love the grey fabric!

I saw a fat quarter tower at a shop last week but couldn't really see all the fabrics that well until I saw this page! I'm so happy to see the newsprint come back out, and those flag prints are just darling! I have your book on my craft desk and stare at the photos every day. The new reunion quilt patterns are so awesome, I can hardly wait to make at least one of them!

OMG! I'm hoping it is not to late to post my comment. Wouldn't I just love to win such wonderful fabric!

Maybe I'm too late to enter, hope not. The grey is my favorite. What beautiful fabric. Can't wait for it to arrive in the quilt shops. Pat

It is super hard to pick one, but I'd have to say the navy, but the grey is a close second! Love them all!

What a beautiful collection. I love Hometown and I did not think you could out do that but you did!!! Thanks for your creativity. I love the Navy in this collection.

Another beautiful fabric I have to choose, they are all yummy...I would love to be the first person in Aussie land to have some...I think I will pick yellow as it is spring here and Yellow is a happy springtime colour....LindaB

They are ALL beautiful! I suppose I don't have any/much grey in my stash

I love Love Love the gray all though the red and navy and green are great too! Thanks for the change to win!

do I have to pick just one? I think they are all so much fun, my favorite colors change with my mood, or my desire to sew. Some days I want green others red or yellow. I just love the days I get to sew all day long. the red in Reunion the same shade as the red in Hometown? Or is it a cherry red? Would you describe the colors the next time you feature Reunion?

I'm a huge fan of red and hope this red is more blue red. The Hometown red reminds me of a turkey red. Blends very well with the colleciton, but not for me.


I have to say I'm not a red person but I always love your reds. Amazingly (to me) red ismy favorite

It's got to be the RED for me. I have red converse, red jumper, red braclets,a red stapler... i LOVE red. Again another beautiful collection.

luv...luv...luv the red! It is absolutely adorable!!!

I just found your website after reading about Reunion. This line is so cool! I love seeing green in your palette this time, but I think grey is my favorite.

PICK ONE? are you kidding? They're all beautiful, especially together. I just know I'm going to win, because I was up 1/2 the night drooling over this post, and sent a link to my quilting friends, but just in case I don't, when will it be out? I'll pick out of a hat . . . Red!

Keep the goodies coming!

I think you're going to have to print more of the grays - they're wonderful, so crisp and clean

the red! please tell me it is not too late!!!

We just saw Reunion. Love it. Again. How do you do it. I really like the navy in this one. How do we ever wait until January:) drawn to grey

I love the gray - - but I always love the red that you gals choose!

You did it again Ladies! I love it! Love the pennant fabric especially. My favorite colorway is the grey! Congratulations!!!


Another great line of fabrics! I love the red.

Oh I would love the Navy so much! It's lovely. I'll be looking forward to this!

The grays are beautiful! I just love the concept of this line. The text prints are fabulous as always.

Can't wait for this to come out. I love the gray.

I love them all....but I think the Red is my fave.

They are all great, but I like the red the best. Thanks for the chance. I can't wait for this to come out!

I love the green, it is such a lovely shade. And that little bunting print is to die for. Love it all. Can't wait for 2012 to roll around!

Wow! No chance of winning with so many comments on your post, but still want to let you know I really love the grey fabrics!

Love them all!!I can't choose only one.But I will say.... RED...... and green will be great too :)

I love the red and then the yellow, but I really love the whole collection!!

Grey, but I love them all. Can't wait for this line to come out! Btw, I'm completely in love with the Hometown bundle!

Love the navy!!!!

Love the green, followed by the red.

[email protected]

LOVE the new fabric line! and I LOVE the gray!!
thank you for the give away!

Yellow ... followed by red.
They are wonderful!!

I love, love, love that buttery tan color. It's gorgeous!

Wow!! I am just wrapping my head around the awesomeness of hometown and now reunion!! I love it all but the gray is my favorite : )

That's a really tough decision..... pick 1 color,it would be green

I love them all but IF I could only choose one I would have to pick the navy.

the grey takes the cake!

I'm new to quilting and I would love to make a quilt with the green, no the navy, no the grey but I love red too. Hard decision! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Grey! I have been wanting a "new" grey. And this is perfect. Can't wait! I love Sweetwater.

Totally red - this is a beautiful line! Can't wait to see it in stores!

I really like the navy but the green also caught my eye. It's another great collection. Keep up the good work!!

I discovered your gorgeous bloog only today and I had no clue there’s another fabric range that will be introduced next year. I love all the prints and the colours, but my favourites are the grey and the yellow.
Thanks for a change to win some of these gorgeous fabrics!

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