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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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My husband did the same thing for my veggie garden!!! What nice guys we have. In fact, i had my doubts because it meant he had to dig up a strip of my grass and move my border stones...but now, it's pretty sweet.

Yeah for retired hubby's who like watering the plants. I LOVE the look and truly enjoy the smell of flowers. And when I pull up to my house and see all the gorgeous flowers and plants it makes me smile and happy to be home...but with that being said I would not have them if not for m husband I kill a plant if I breath when I walk by it so I truly sympathize with anyone who can't grow flowers. Enjoy your watering system and in no time at all you'll have beautiful blooms to share.
Still holding my breath here waiting for the first arrivals of Hometown fabric, I just adore it!!!!

i'm very similar. the joke is if you want to kill a plant give it to Laura (me). just not interested in keeping the things alive. if i plant it outside, it should be ok. good luck little plant.
love your patterns, and material.

I have a hard time keeping flowers too. I'm ok with ones like iris's and roses. But I've passed the gardening gene to my daughter, who very happily plants flowers and tends to them, as much as she possible can :) good luck to your flowers!

Yay for automated watering! I used to be good at keeping my potplants alive... then I had kids! Nah - they do ok, but sometimes they get a bit droopy.
Hope you get some wind free days so your bushes look fab for July 4 :)

I love the fabric and already have some in my hoard!!! The flowers are so pretty, this year mine drowned! It's been so rainy and wet that they got too much and died!! Good luck with yours!!

I live in Fort Collins, and the issue with the flowers this year has not been a lack of water or wind, but HAIL....Two storms have completetley destoryed any flowers I have, and I have now bought my second round of flowers.
I Feel your Flower Plain!!!

Great patterns!!! I especially love the number quilt and the tree skirt.

So...I'm wondering...
On the 25 Days of Christmas pattern....are the numbers cut out of fabric and fused on or is there a print in the fabric collection that includes all the numbers? the fabric collection!!!

I loved Countdown to Christmas! I have my pattern using it available at a few shops too!

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