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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


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Love the Town House pattern!
And the iron on tags I received today are so cute. The house pattern with it is very cute too.

So adorable - love that tote - just beautiful - all of them.

I ordered 3 patterns and they arrived today!!! They are so clear and the neigborhood, ligthouse and the tote and am off to pick out some fabrics to make myself a summer tote...I just may cut into some of my saved sunkissed...then when hometown arrives I'll be a pro at making this tote. Thanks for great patterns ladies.

These patterns are amazing :-)

I think Yacht Club is my favorite -- we belonged to a yacht club when I was little, so I've got deeply engrained memories of all of those hanging flags!

ooooh, you girls rock. want intersection. may have to do some shopping.

Fabric friends,

I love your patterns! I think my favorites are Yatch Club and Intersection. On a related note, when I saw this post I started humming John Prine's "My Darlin Hometown".

It's a simple yet moving song...much like the Hometown fabric line.

Attagirl! Keep up the great work. You're definitely IN your calling.


Yippee, Just ordered mine last night.
Now I just have to wait for them to make it across the Pond and Hometown to be released in August and I will be a Happy Bunny.
Anyone know a shop that will be carrying Hometown and bringing it to The Festival of Quilts in the UK?

Yay! I thought for sure I wanted Yacht Club but now that I look I think I love Lighthouse!

I am in love with this fabric line and these patterns. The runner and the tote are my favorites! Can't wait to get my hands on the fabric later this summer!

Is lighthouse already sold out?

I'm scrolling through and NO house pincushion pattern......please don't tell me it didn't make the cut. I've been waiting ever since it first appeared on the blog. Cutest.thing.ever.

WooHoo!! on my way over to Etsy now. Now I just have to wait for the fabric to arrive. Holding my breath here.....

I tried to purchase the Neighborhood pattern on Etsy but it's no longer available. Are your patterns sold elsewhere?

Karen L.

I love this collection!! The tote bag is my favorite, will there be a fabric kit available in the near future??

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