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Monday, June 27, 2011


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What the difference between the layer cake, jelly roll and charms??

You guys did it again! This is one of my favorite Christmas lines of all time.

Oh my...10 minutes later and I've bought the book, patterns, labels, etc.!!!! I'm in heaven!!!! So excited!!

I just found your blog and LOVE IT!!! I love all the fabric that you do and have just purchased the countdown to christmas layer fun to see the ideas here on your blog!
So excited to follow you and see what's new!!!
Now, off to look at your book!

What a cute ideas like that..going to c&T's site to check it out more closely. AND YES I got the FQ newsletter this morning and guess what????Yup you guessed it...I'm getting the kit for your countdown to christmas quilt...gosh...stop doing this to me. Happy to hear that your flowers are doing are mine!!! Yeah for pretty flowers such a small thing to keep us happy and smiling, huh?

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